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When is Fiber Coming to My Neighborhood?

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From more bandwidth to smoother video calls to higher speeds supporting multiple devices in the home, you’ve heard that fiber can make a big difference in the way you experience the internet.

Trouble is, it’s not in your neighborhood yet, and you aren’t sure when it’s coming.

So how do you find out? What does it take to get it? Can you do anything to hurry it along?

Here are answers to your important questions.

Why isn’t fiber service in every community throughout the country?

Internet service providers deploy fiber, bringing it from their connection node or central network office to individual homes. This is called Fiber to the Home (FTTH). There are many factors that go into a provider’s decision to install fiber and then to carry out the process. It’s not so simple. Here’s what’s considered:

  • Budget – Fiber is very expensive to deploy and install, not just for the fiber itself, but also for the equipment that is in central offices and out in field stations. Making the decision to introduce fiber to a new development (a greenfield) or to an older established area (a brownfield) is based on a calculation of the percentage of households that will order the new service. Also taken into account is the future profitability, and that involves a projection of the number of households that will adopt fiber and then maintain the service.
  • Geography – Providers need to study the challenges posed by topography, mountains and rural or remote locations
  • Proximity – Related to geography, providers primarily target areas for expansion that are relatively near to existing fiber infrastructure to reduce the funding needed for construction. (This varies by provider and geography, of course.)
  • Workforce – Deploying fiber involves a large number of people and the coordination of many teams. Independent contractors do most of the fiber path creation and digging, while employees of the local provider do the finishing touches and connecting of customers to the network.

Frontier Fiber 200 Internet
Frontier Fiber 200 Internet

How can I bring fiber to my community?

Do your research online to see which internet provider(s) near you install fiber. Then contact them to request a serviceability study. All of the factors listed above (from budget to proximity) will determine if you can indeed get fiber service. The more residents you enlist to request fiber service, the better. (See Budget above.)

The provider will make an evaluation to determine what’s possible and the best solution.

Once deployment begins, how long does it take?

Ideally, once the construction crews come in and you see yard signs, you’re about two to three months, possibly more, from the launch date to “fiber ready.” That schedule, of course, is subject to many factors from weather to installation obstacles to permissions snags.

Providers are working to make neighborhoods fiber ready

Many service providers report that they add new fiber-eligible addresses weekly. Stay up to date on progress in your area and areas close to you. Keep in mind that no area will ever be 100% fiber. It’s important to be patient and realistic, while doing what you can to request fiber service. Once you get it, enjoy the performance.

Frontier Fiber is built for the way you live today—and tomorrow.

If you’re still on the lookout for the right ultra-fast internet connection for streaming, gaming, working from home and running your smart home—all with enough bandwidth for everybody, find out about Frontier Fiber. Then check our Fiber Expansion page to see when it’s available at your address.

52 responses to “When is Fiber Coming to My Neighborhood?”

  1. Rusty Asbury says:


    I live in a rural area of zip 75189. Currently the only type of internet available is via satellite.
    I talking to a Frontier technician they indicated your fiber service is being laid in my area. I would like to know when it might be at my door step.
    Exact address is: 18809 County Road 1090, Royse City, TX 75189

    I have spoke to your customer service line and they cannot tell me anything.

    I look forward to your quick response.

    Thank you,

  2. Frontier Communications says:

    Hi Rusty. I checked with the field this morning and they advised that this address is part of the build area but were unable to provide a specific ETA. I do advise you remove your comment after you see this reply to protect your privacy. ^Michael

  3. Canh says:

    Hello. I am living in zip code 75044. Would you please check when the fiber service is available? Thank you.

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi there! We do serve Garland but we would need to check an individual address to know for sure. Single family homes are the lease complex to connect, but multi-dwelling units like apartments and town homes can be a challenge and typically require arrangements with an entire property to bring in fiber service. You can check availability at a specific address at We can also check your address on Social Media. You can message us on Facebook at or on Twitter at ^Michael

  4. Nate says:

    Hey there, I live in the 75762 zip code in Flint, Tx and was curious when Fiber would be in my area or how much I could pay to get it?

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Nate, thank you for your interest. I looked up Flint, TX and unfortunately it’s not within our service area from what I can see, so we wouldn’t be able to provide our services directly. ^Michael

  5. Burke says:

    Hey we live far and inbetween at the zip code 41572 KY and we desperately need better internet service! We can only get satellite internet for horrible prices and been denied by companies to lay fiber at my home and it is unbelievably upsetting

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Burke, thank you so much for your interest! Unfortunately I do have some sad news, we’re not a service provider in the great state of Kentucky! I’m sorry to have to say that. We service 25 states (, including multiple that you border which may explain it if you’ve seen our advertising. At the present time I’m not aware of us expanding into states we don’t currently serve as we’re busily working to upgrade the infrastructure to fiber in those that we do! ^Michael

  6. Jess Rivers says:

    I had fiber installed on my street about 2 months ago, had a rep out to sell me service and was ecstatic, however we are out another month since then and my address is still not showing in the system. How long does it take to show in the system? Maple Ave 06066

  7. Julie F says:

    Hello, haven’t received the flyer, but my neighbors have. My zip is 25414 WV. Will it be coming to the entire county or just certain areas and how soon?

  8. A.E. Martin says:


    I see that there are are crews working in the Caddo Mills Tx area of 75135 and was wondering if there is any projected time for it to be up and running here? I have Satellite and let’s just say I want my Fiber back!!! I moved out here from Irving texas and the only thing I miss about that city is you guys.

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi A.E. Martin, thanks for the question! Unfortunately we can’t provide an availability estimate because there are many factors that go into the build beyond the outside wire work. The good news is that when you’re seeing us do that work in the field it’s for Fiber and it will be available soon! ^Michael

  9. Jim Flynn says:

    I seen Frontier construction flags in my front yard, on Norman Road, in Brockway Township! Are We about to get an upgrade to cable? Or are we really getting lucky and getting fiber? Either way it will sure be better then DSL.

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Jim, I’m not able to be specific regarding your area but we’re aggressively building and expanding our fiber network on the road to 10 million passings by 2025! What you’re seeing could be locate markings for our build but could also indicate any other utility’s upcoming work. ^Michael

  10. Rebecca Dunlap says:

    We live in a rural area off Hwy 49 in Charlotte, TN. Fiber optic lines have been laid in our area, but we have not received news that it is available. Why is it taking so long and it seems to be those that reside in rural areas that are being overlooked.

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Rebecca, at the moment we’re unable to provide projected info on availability of Fiber in our footprint, but rest assured we’re building aggressively and our goal is to reach 10 million potential subscribers by 2025 and last fall we reached the halfway point ahead of schedule. That said, fiber lines being laid in an area are not necessarily an indication of available fiber to the home service. That construction is at the neighborhood level passing homes in a residential area with terminals or vaults being placed for connections. Fiber is also laid between towns, central offices, or for private network builds which are completely unrelated to individual home connections and these types of builds are often confused with our Fiber to the home build. ^Michael

  11. Shaun Harrison says:

    I live at Richmond Ave. Richmond, IN 47374 I know fiber is being installed all over the city, is there an a time frame for my block to be installed?

  12. Brian Martin says:

    I received an email from frontier (actually frontier domain) saying frontier fiber is being built out for my address. I’m in 92557, single family home. The service is already available one street over (and has been for a decade or more) but they never finished the build out. There is already a hub close due to frontier fiber being so close already. How do I check progress? The frontier address check says fiber not available.

  13. Robert Rochford says:

    Hi Michael,

    I live in zip code 33592 on Monaghan St and according to your coverage map, fiber is here. When I called last night to turn on service, the sales agent checked and said that fiber service is not in our subdivision. She had no further info. Any idea when I’ll be able to go back to fiber? I’m currently using the other service and it’s not anywhere near the speeds they sold me. Appreciate your response. Thanks, Bob

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Bob, thanks for your comment! As you are no doubt aware, demand for fiber is very high due to its unmatched performance and because of that we’re building and expanding as rapidly as possible. To make sure we’re doing so as strategically as possible we recently launched where you can sign up for availability updates. You can also reach out to our team on Social Media (linked below) in private and we can check your address! Hope this helps! ^Michael

  14. William Young says:

    How can I get a true update on when Fiber will be installed in the Riverside community, which I live off of Marcum Lane, Harpers Ferry WV 25425. I cannot get a real answer from Tech support and I can’t believe what they tell me.

  15. David Kanter says:

    We live in zip code 06277 and was wondering if we will be available for your services in the near future. We are very tired of our services that we currently have.

  16. Bob Urban says:

    Hello, I received a couple of flyers that fiber is coming and saw the workforce down the road working on it a few months ago but they are completely gone now. Can you please tell me when they will resume or are planning to resume. My area code is 75474 in Quinlan TX. Thanks!

  17. Kyle Gathright says:

    There’s Frontier fiber going in all around my house. Can you provide any updates to when it would be available off County Road 2123 and County Road 3573 in Oaradise TX 76073

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Kyle, we’re excited to hear that our construction is in your area! We set up the following website to check status Unfortunately at this time we’re not able to be more specific but if you’re seeing construction it should be available soon! ^Michael

  18. Edwin Hightower says:

    We live in a mountain neighborhood near Franklin, NC in the 28734 zip code. Our address is 1009 Skyland Dr, Franklin, NC and our neighborhood is Watauga Vista. Only some houses here have DSL service provided by Frontier but many can only use satellite or cell modems. Can you tell us if Frontier has plans to bring fiber to our neighborhood?

  19. Debra Perry says:

    Interested in fiber net in our area. It is not currently available. Would like to be notified when it become available and what is the cost.

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Debra, I have just the site for you! You can sign up for notification and also nominate your area for our expansion so be sure to share this with friends and family in your area! ^Michael

  20. Brandon Aponte says:

    Just out in Erie MI 48133 I noticed the neighboring two towns are getting fiber run currently and was wondering if we are going to be next we currently only have spectrum available. Frontier is the footprint but no services available

    • Frontier Communications says:

      HI Brandon, we’ve set up just the site for this! You can visit and sign up for updates on Fiber availability to your address. It also allows you to nominate your area for expansion so be sure to share it with your neighbors! ^Michael

  21. Joey Paradis says:

    Frontier fiber is getting put in everywhere near my house, within a half mile on all sides and the two adjacent neighborhoods. Can you provide any updates to when it would be available on counterfeit way in Bunker Hill WV?

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Joey, we’ve set up this site: for those in our service areas to sign up for updates on our Fiber expansion and nominate your area, so be sure to share that with your neighbors! ^Michael

  22. Ken W says:

    Frontier Fiber has been available (for years) down by a few blocks of where we live – any chance they will pull the fiber out for a few more blocks? I am so jealous to see those Frontier trucks running around in the area but not my house! haha 🙂 I’m around S. Foothill Drive in 91791

  23. Mark Chotas says:

    Hi. I live in zip code 77062 along with several other folks who are waiting for fiber optic service. We are in the Bay Glen subdivision. Will you be bringing fiber into our area and when?

    • Frontier Communications says:

      HI Mark, thanks for the interest in Frontier Fiber! We’re excited about our continued expansion across our footprint and bringing our symmetrical Fiber to as many as possible! We set up so that those in our service areas can sign up for notification and even nominate their area for expansion. Unfortunately, with just the zip to work with, it looks like you may be outside our incumbent service area. Don’t let that stop you from signing up on the site linked above, and be sure to share it with your neighbors, it’s always possible we could extend our expansion beyond our normal service area in the future! ^Michael

  24. Brian Burgess says:

    Pony court jerseyville 62052 request for fiber, we are currently using outdated phone line tech max of 900kbs on downloads and the 4g/5g network does not cover us

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Brian, we’re laser focused on expanding Frontier Fiber across our footprint and we’ve set up a site for folks to sign up and nominate their area for expansion. Be sure to share this URL with friends and family in the area as well! ^Michael

  25. Mike M. says:

    I know first hand that Frontier installed their fiber lines next to my multiunit (10) building in the alley, though, their availability check says that service is not available. How can we request a survey and an evaluation of service feasibility?

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Mike, great question. Multiple family property installations are a bit more complicated than single family homes and are typically done all at once for a property rather than per unit / tenant. These extensions to our build are done working with property management. We set up to allow tenants and property owners to get the process started with our multiple family sales team. ^Michael

  26. Roy says:

    Hello, I live at Cresci Rd, Los Gatos, Zip code 95033. We have an ADSL service that is of poor quality both in terms of speed and availability. We heard fiber is coming last year but now news yet. How can we learn more ?

  27. Kyle says:

    I really want fiber internet. My wife works from home and needs reliable internet. We live on cedar springs place, Lagrange, Ky 40031.
    Are you all coming to that area?

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Kyle, thanks for your post and interest in Frontier Fiber. I would normally direct inquiries for availability to our site here: however I have to share unfortunate news that we don’t presently operate as an incumbent telecom carrier in Kentucky. With it being outside our service footprint it’s not an area we have plans to expand to. ^Michael

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