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Technology Is Changing Women’s Fertility, Prenatal and New Mother Care

For women on the reproductive health journey, there is a new and evolving level of support supplementing traditional gynecology. It’s called femtech, short for feminine technology, first introduced by women scientists and entrepreneurs to develop software, wearables, apps, diagnostic methods and telehealth services specifically for women’s health needs.

To date, there are hundreds of femtech startups and companies innovating in this space. Many innovations emerging from this industry target fertility assistance and prenatal and new mother care, creating solutions that make healthcare more accessible, more inclusive and less overwhelming for women.

This guide takes you through a range of femtech that’s making virtual clinics, apps, medical devices and wearables, and at-home tests more available.

At-home fertility hormone tests

These femtech companies put you in control of your fertility health with a simple at-home finger prick test. All you have to do is request a test, take it at home following the detailed guide, then ship your sample to a lab and you’ll receive personalized reports of fertility status on your private dashboard a few days later.

Modern Fertility offers a personalized test that measures seven fertility hormones. You can learn more about your results during a one-on-one with a fertility nurse. They also have a Modern Community, where you get real-time support on reproductive health–related issues as well as a weekly Egginar. 

EverlyWell is an at-home women’s fertility test that measures five hormones. You can have all your questions about your results answered by attending a live webinar with a healthcare professional.

Apps that take you from preconception to postnatal

These apps provide unique insights about your body, personalized recommendations for proactive care and relevant health information.

Glow lets you have your fertility health and prenatal and postnatal care information at the tip of your fingers through their family of four apps: Eve by Glow, Glow, Glow Nurture and Glow Baby. They have the largest online women’s health community that welcomes conversations on topics ranging from fitness to food to parenting and more.

Where to download: Google Play and App Store

Kindara helps you understand your fertility, menstrual health and body through their fertility platform. They also have a global community of women in which to find support and shared experiences.

Where to download: Google Play and App Store

Clue provides accurate and science-backed predictions and personalized insights for your menstrual health and fertility. Clue’s website includes an extensive library of health resources catering to your needs.

Where to download: Google Play and App Store

Flo is the health companion for more than 180 million women worldwide. The app gives you accurate AI-based predictions, personalized daily health insights to help you understand your body better and expert-backed resources to help you navigate pregnancy and post-pregnancy life. It also has a community of support on the platform.

Where to download: Google Play and App Store

Frontier Fiber 200 Internet
Frontier Fiber 200 Internet

Medical devices for fertility, prenatal and new mother care

Ava is an FDA-registered bracelet that tracks multiple physiological parameters like resting pulse rate and skin temperature to recognize a woman’s five best days a month to become pregnant.

OvuSense supports you at any stage of your fertility journey with monitors you can use at home and at your clinic: OvuFirst, OvuCore and OvuSense Pro.

Mira is an OB/GYN-recommended and FDA-approved medical device that measures your fertility hormones and provides you with personalized and accurate insights into your ovulation and fertility status.

Bloomlife pregnancy tracker helps you monitor contractions and provides real-time, precise and reliable information approaching the birth of your baby.

Virtual fertility and pregnancy care clinics

These femtech resources provide you with the healthcare you need for fertility treatment, pregnancy and postpartum care from the comfort of your home.

Kindbody works with a team of licensed health professionals to provide gynecology, fertility, family-building and holistic care for you, wherever you are, through their telehealth platform.

Maven works with women’s and family health providers to give you 24/7 support with fertility care, surrogacy, family planning, pregnancy, adoption, postpartum life and parenthood.

Mahmee offers a comprehensive and integrative HIPAA-secure healthcare platform that connects you with your care team and sees you through pregnancy and life as a new mom.

Nest Collaborative partners with a network of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) to guide you through breastfeeding. They also have Latch Lounge virtual group sessions that connect you with a community of parents.

You can own your fertility, pregnancy and post-pregnancy journey, gathering more information, insights and support as you explore these options—and plenty more!

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