Kim Key

About the author

Kim Key is a tech and culture writer living in Atlanta, Georgia. She started her career in local tv news, then spent several years with CNN Sports where she covered major events like the Olympics, the World Cup, the Masters, the Superbowl and the NBA Finals. Currently Kim is a freelance writer covering everything from video games to modern psychology. She has a degree in Broadcast News from the University of Georgia.

Alexa for kids

Alexa Games and Skills for Kids and Families

Kids will be kids. That's why "I'm bored" will continue to be a popular refrain forever and ever. You're always on a quest to solve it. Actually, this is an easy one. And you probably have it in your home already. In fact, a recent survey from Voicebot Research

A remote

Can One Remote Run My Whole House?

Remember universal remotes for home theater systems? They seemed like magic, commanding the television, DVD player and stereo all from one little device. Now you can extend that magic to your entire home's worth of smart devices, and in some cases you may not even need to touch the