How AI and 2 Gig Are Transforming Home Fitness Gadgets

AI (artificial intelligence) is the latest buzz these days in gadgets. For exercise gear, having this built-in tech means you’ll get advanced feedback on your workouts that can approach the level you get with a human personal trainer. For example, some smart exercise devices will monitor your weightlifting form with a combination of cameras, tell you if you’re doing something wrong and help you fix it.

A wide range of new connected fitness equipment is taking advantage of the web to deliver classes and personal training using AI. You can now buy everything from exercise bikes to weight training tools that use the latest machine learning to help guide your workouts.

A strong internet connection is your first step

Smart exercise gear uses a lot of data to provide classes, monitor your workout and deliver feedback. Fiber optic internet can mean smoother, stutter-free streaming connections for workout videos and live virtual instruction when you join an online fitness community. Upping to 2 Gig speed with symmetrical uploads and downloads can give you that confidence that your internet will let you keep up with your workout connections. And when you’re adding more smart devices like these to your network, you’ll need the increased bandwidth you get from fiber, particularly from a multi-gig solution. 

Privacy can be a concern when conducting elements of your personal life online. Make sure to choose a unique password when setting up your fitness apps. For an extra measure of security, you might also want to cover any cameras that come with your equipment when they’re not in use. That way, if your device is ever hacked, no one can gain visual access to your exercise area.

AI fitness apps

There are a lot of apps you can download to your smartphone or tablet and connect through your home Wi-Fi network. Most of these apps use algorithms that analyze body movements to deliver personalized feedback. You have a lot to choose from in your system’s app store, so here are a few of the most popular:

For iPhone users, there’s FitnessAI that uses AI to put together personalized full-body workouts, based on the equipment you have on hand. When you work out, FitnessAI claims to optimize weightlifting sets, reps and weights for each activity.

Android owners can download InfiGro, an AI-based app that provides personalized workouts from expert trainers around the world. You’ll get real-time feedback about exercise form and rep count—and motivation.

Aaptiv gives you unlimited access to over 2,500 guided workouts. Based on your objectives, current exercise levels, eating habits and data gathered through wearable devices, the offerings feature all kinds of home workouts, from treadmill to yoga and stretching to indoor cycling.

AI fitness gear

Mirror is a fitness device that looks like a regular decorative mirror but lets you stream exercise classes on its hidden screen. You can see yourself in the Mirror’s reflection and modify your form to match that of an instructor. The Mirror boasts more than 10,000 exercise classes, including live sessions in which you can interact with other participants. The device includes a motion-capturing AI system that creates a 3D model of your body as you move.

Forme, a smart mirror/LCD screen, plus customizable add-ons, can guide you through exercise classes and also work as a full-length mirror. Forme tracks your progress using machine learning and AI to recommend appropriate class levels and guide your form and technique.

Another smart mirror is Tonal, an AI-powered wall-mounted screen that focuses on strength training. Tonal has an exercise bench and resistance system that uses electromagnetism to simulate weight machines.

If you’re lacking space or prefer a more discreet exercise setup, consider the Tempo Move. This AI-powered gadget uses an app and the front-facing camera on your phone to monitor your form while sending video workouts to your TV. It comes with a cabinet to store an included set of smart dumbbells and weight plates.

If the idea of having AI monitor your health is appealing, you might want to consider the Oura Ring. This wearable fitness tracker is in its third generation and features small sensors to track your activity, physical and mental health, and sleep. It can also monitor your heart rate, track your body temperature around the clock and automatically detect when you’ve started or finished 35 different activities—you don’t have to initiate an activity manually.

Frontier Fiber 200 Internet
Frontier Fiber 200 Internet

Keeping up with 2 Gig

Whichever AI-assisted gear you choose, make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection before you start. That way, you’ll be assured of uninterrupted workouts with all the smart feedback that the technology can provide. And if you have a whole houseful of smart gadget users and streamers, you’ll need the bandwidth that fiber internet can provide. Get the highest speed you can—see whether your provider can get you to 2 Gig.

Frontier 2 Gig is the way to move

Faster, sharper, more efficient—all great goals for fitness and for your internet connection and performance. The more gear you have in your home, the more you need fiber. Find out the advantages of Frontier Fiber here. Then check here to see when it’s available at your address.

Product features and availability may have changed and are subject to change.

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