Alina Labrada

About the author

Alina is a multilingual journalist and writer with decades of experience covering events spanning the globe including for CNN, Reuters and the global humanitarian agency CARE. She connects people thread by thread, story by story and believes passionately in the power of digital networks and popular culture to channel change for a better world. Alina holds a master’s degree in English from Hollins University and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Middlebury College.

Digital Photo of Dog on Orange Background

3 Tips for Storing Digital Photos to Keep Them Forever

Think back to a time you took a photo of your dog with your phone to post on social media. You probably tried a few different angles and moved around to get the lighting just right. Sixteen photos later you have the perfect instagram post—and suddenly a lot less


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Here are three ways technology is helping older loved ones live independently and age in place

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What is a Smart Fridge and Should You Get One?

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How to Set Screen Time for Your Kids

How To Manage Screen Time for Your Kids

If you help your kids find the right balance between media use and other healthy behaviors, they'll thank you for it someday.

colorful fruits and vegetables laid out on a pink background in a kitchen

Get Your Own Cooking Assistant With Alexa in the Kitchen

Maybe you love cooking. Maybe you dread it. In any case, having Alexa in the kitchen can make it easier — or at least more tolerable. It's rare to hear someone say "your wish is my command," and actually mean it, and that's why virtual assistants like Amazon's Alexa seem simple