4 Best Smart Tech Solutions To Live a Healthy Life

From watches that monitor your sleep state to fitness equipment that evolves with you, there’s a smart device that will help deliver the health results you’re looking for.

First, let’s answer a few of the big questions you might have about integrating smart health devices into your daily routine.

Can a smart watch track my fitness?

The latest versions of multifunction smart watches offer a range of excellent health capabilities. They’re not plug and play, so you need to do a little work, like downloading a third-party app, to get the features you want. Read about different smart watch models to see if you want to make the effort to have a smart watch do it all, or if you’d like other dedicated devices designed for more specific purposes.

How can I make sure my smart tech investment is worth it?

Follow a few tips so your smart health device doesn’t end up like the gym membership you never use.

  • If it’s a wearable device, get one you’ll actually wear. Find one that’s comfortable and aligns with your style. Check out the online reviews.
  • Try it out. Look for a good return/exchange policy. It’s not easy to assess features quickly. Most of the latest smart health devices are super versatile and offer tons of different settings and features.
  • Challenge friends. Once you’re into using your device, get some accountability. Engage in friendly competition with your pals, or with online groups provided by fitness trackers and equipment.

How can I use smart health devices most effectively?

Figure out your own personal goals. You might need one for a very specific medical purpose, like heart rate or blood pressure monitoring. Maybe you want a smart device that does it all, or a tiny fitness tracker to count steps.

These smart devices do the job

1. Smart watch

Apple has come a long way in improving its health-tracking functions on the latest generation of its watch. Along with being a solid device, it can be well integrated with your other Apple products.

Samsung also has a great smart watch for fitness and health enthusiasts. You can use it for super accurate tracking of body composition, blood oxygen levels and fitness activity, all compared against your own personalized goals.

2. Sleep-tracking devices

If you’re serious about using data to improve your sleep, you’ll want to go with a dedicated sleep tracker. A great smart sleep monitor is one that gives you tons of information—how long you slept, how long you stayed in different sleep cycles and your resting heart rate throughout the night. Info about snoring and respiration is key, too, as these can be indicators of issues like sleep apnea, which can lead to high blood pressure and heart attacks.

The Oura Ring Generation 3 can be worn at any time to track health indicators like heart rate, body temperature and fitness levels. But it’s especially helpful at night, when it tracks your sleep cycles, nightly heart rate and more, according to your sleep schedule and goals. A sleep score then helps you work towards a better night’s rest.

If you want to go big on your commitment to sleep, you might be in the market for a smart mattress. The Sleep Number 360 smart bed is ideal for restless sleepers or people whose partners have wildly different sleep needs, as it adjusts throughout the night to respond to your movements. It balances temps according to your preferences (including warming feet to fall asleep) and can tell when you switch from side to back, adjusting firmness accordingly. It can raise your head to alleviate snoring, and tracks and provides data, including your breathing rate, to help you optimize your sleep.


Frontier Fiber 200 Internet
Frontier Fiber 200 Internet


3. Blood pressure monitor

High blood pressure can come without any symptoms, and people often don’t know they have elevated levels. A home monitor can help you track your levels throughout the day and help let you and your physician know if there’s an issue. The QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is the smartest option on the market now. Small and simple to use (even on the go), it provides easy-to-read data that allows you to track your progress over time.

4. Smart fitness equipment

Peloton was the hot home exercise equipment to take over the market when the pandemic hit, and it’s still a great option if you love to spin. Their treadmill is also a stellar piece of equipment for running enthusiasts, and buying into the Peloton universe means access to a large library of classes.

If you’re committed to lifting weights and toning in your home with a trainer, Tonal is your answer. A sleek wall-mounted machine, a virtual instructor via touchscreen guides you through personalized workouts, which you complete using attached adaptive weights that automatically adjust to your abilities.

Tonal uses tech to elevate your workout experience in a way you can’t at the gym. The machine’s artificial intelligence sensors track your movements, improve your form to prevent injury and strain, and design workouts that can help you progress to meet your personal goals.

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