5 Great VR Games To Try in 2023

Virtual reality puts you right in the action in a way that regular video games just can’t. More games are released all the time for popular platforms like PSVR, Meta Quest and HTC Vive. Throw on a headset, grab a couple wands, controllers or other peripherals and be wowed by an experience that’s everywhere around you.

Here are five great VR games to play in 2023. And when you’re done, maybe think about learning or watching in VR, too.

Make tough choices with “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners”

Set in New Orleans and based on the popular comic book series, “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners” demands players make hard choices. Key decisions branch out and reverberate throughout the story, which is told episodically. And it’s a hit: The first episode of “Saints and Sinners” is rated 9 out of 10 on Steam. Chapter 2 is out on Meta Quest, with an expected 2023 release on PSVR.

Get freaky with the upcoming “Stranger Things VR”

Another popular media adaptation comes to virtual reality with “Stranger Things VR.” VR Scout reports the game is due out in winter 2023 “on major platforms.” The game looks trippy and puts players in the shoes of Season 4’s main antagonist, Vecna. Keep your eyes peeled—and your mind flayed—for this one!

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Survive the Uroboros in “Resident Evil 4”

“Resident Evil 4” is one of the most acclaimed games of all time. Originally a GameCube exclusive, this groundbreaking entry to the beloved survival horror franchise has found its way to many platforms over the years. Now, for the first time, you can steep yourself fully in its world of haunted villages, castles and lagoons in rural Spain. Play as Leon Kennedy as he attempts a high-profile rescue mission and starts pulling on the threads of a deeper—and more horrifying—mystery. “RE4” is available on Meta Quest and now includes a recently released mini game, “The Mercenaries.”

Stick to the “Beat Saber”

Need a break from horror? Not into creepy-crawlies? To change up the tempo, take a look at “Beat Saber.” A wellloved rhythm game, “Beat Saber” has players slash colored blocks set to energetic beats to reach high scores. The game features an original soundtrack plus popular music from artists like Green Day, Lady Gaga and BTS. Available on Steam, Meta Quest, PSVR and Humble, “Beat Saber” was originally released in 2018, but is worth another look if you haven’t played it since then. New music comes to “Beat Saber” regularly—2022 alone saw the addition of tracks by Deadmau5, Fall Out Boy, Lizzo and The Weeknd.

Stay one step ahead in “Moss: Book II”

Looking for another genre? “Moss: Book II” is perfect for someone craving a more lighthearted but still story-driven puzzler. This adventure game spreads its puzzles throughout a story that COGconnected hails as “beautiful and heart-wrenching.” Play as adorable mouse Quill as you seek to escape the unjust rulers chasing you, ward off your enemies with an inventory of diverse weapons and end the dark rule of the Arcane. Okay, so not that lighthearted. This critically acclaimed sequel to “Moss” (another great VR game) is available on PSVR and Meta Quest.

Bonus round!

Still craving more VR games in 2023? Here are a few more suggestions to scratch that itch:

  • Roblox – Browse this marketplace of user-created games, most of which are free to play. TheGamer has a list of the 20 best VR Roblox games. Note that Roblox is not available on PSVR.
  • Multiplayer Invite up to 31 friends to play “No Man’s Sky VR,” one of the best multiplayer VR games, per Gfinity, and explore procedurally generated worlds together. This means you’ll never see the same thing twice.
  • Best VR game for beginnersNewegg recommendsJob Simulator.” Who wants to do work when they’re playing video games? Fair enough, but newbies can get acclimated to the VR experience, including motion controls, and even enjoy some twisted humor. Not bad for a day’s work.
  • Best VR MMO – Get in on this work in progress, “Zenith: The Last City,” if you want to run, climb and fly through a world populated by Essence Mages and Blade Masters.

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