The 5 Best Co-Op Games Everyone Can Agree On

In video games and in life, sometimes it’s just more fun to work together. Rather than pitting you against your friends and family, co-op games get you to work together, either against a common enemy or through a story or campaign. Here’s our list of some of the best co-op games—or games featuring co-op modes—you can play right now. No matter how you lean, you’ll find something just for you plus the options for your favorite platform.

Ready for a big story? You’re ready for “It Takes Two

This big award-winner might just be the best game on this list. This odyssey casts players as Cody and May, soon-to-be-divorced parents who are…turned into dolls who must work together to escape a captivatingly designed puzzle and platforming experience. Think “Portal,” but brighter. It’s fun, funny and surprisingly poignant. If you’re ready to feel feelings, the story can be enjoyed on the sofa in split-screen or online via a generous Friend’s Pass, which requires only one household to own a copy of the game.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Got a big group? Play “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Yes, this is a stone-cold classic must-play party game and a Switch exclusive. As merciless as it can feel going against a friend who has every character, every move and every frame mastered, it’s just as thrilling when they’re on your side. “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate supports up to eight players playing on the same console, meaning you could have a team of up to seven gang up on a supercharged CPU player or your most “Smash”talented friend. Make sure you have enough Nintendo Switch controllers for everyone!

Available on: Nintendo Switch

For mature audiences only, find “A Way Out

The first game from the “It Takes Two” developers, “A Way Out” is a couch and online co-op prison break game. Rated M for Mature, this game has darker themes than others on the list, but is a co-op classic that “Grand Theft Auto” fans can get into. As Leo and Vincent, you and your partner will strategize through a 1970s action-adventure pastiche that requires careful planning and watching each other’s backs. Solve puzzles and fight and sneak through a balance of slower story-driven moments and high-wire action set pieces worthy of a blockbuster. As with “It Takes Two,” “A Way Out” doesn’t require your friend or family member to own a copy for online play.

Available on: PC, PS4 (playable on PS5), Xbox One (compatible with series S/X)

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On the go? First, get out of this escape room with “The Past Within

It’s hard to find great co-op games on mobile, so it’s a bonus that one of the best in the co-op genre is available on iOS and Android. From developer and publisher Rusty Lake, “The Past Within” asks two players, one from the past and one from the future, to solve an escape room. It’s a brief but satisfying journey to take with a partner, and you can play cross-platform. You need a way to communicate with each other (text, phone, video), which the game does not provide, so it’s up to you to figure out the best way to collaborate.

Available on: Android, iOS, PC

Like sports? Love cars? Play “Rocket League

Rocket League” takes a ridiculous premise—”What if rocket-boosted cars played soccer?”—and runs with it. An esports favorite, “Rocket League” supports cross-platform play for up to eight players online, for two teams of four, requiring you to work together to get the ball in the net. The entire time, you’ll be securing power-ups like magnets, grappling hooks and spring-loaded boots to seize the ball or thwart your opponents. The game is free to play, with cosmetic items like paint jobs and car accessories available as paid DLC.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

And 5 more!

  • Don’t miss “Don’t Starve Together” and “Wargroove,” two great titles we’ve recommended before. “Don’t Starve Together” features a spooky, crafting-driven survival simulation that’s great for long sessions, and “Wargroove” sports its own short co-op campaign, where you and a partner execute a heist via turn-based combat battles. Both games are available on all major consoles and PC.
  • Stardew Valley” is another classic we keep recommending because it’s just that good! This relaxing farm simulator has so much to do that it’s hard to believe it’s developed by just one person, but you’ll feel a real sense of progress when you team up with someone to tackle all those challenges. “Stardew Valley” supports co-op on all major platforms besides iOS and Android.
  • Know someone who’s already obsessed with “Minecraft“? Offer to play with them! The resource-management game demands creative thinking to survive its day-night cycle (night is when the creepy-crawlies come out). “Minecraft” is super fun together in co-op, and it’s available on pretty much every platform.
  • Want to play video games but also want some exercise? Try Nintendo Switch Sports, which will get you moving in local or online play with your team in sports like tennis and soccer. Just don’t call it couch co-op.

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