Great Tech Gifts for Gen Alpha

It’s that time of year again—the time to win the holiday season by getting the Gen Alpha tween and almost tween in your life the best gift out there. Sure, buying tech for Gen Alpha is no easy feat. They’ve grown up immersed in tech, and already have strong opinions about which gifts are cool and which might as well be lumps of coal.

Use our gift guide to pick through the crowded tech landscape and find the gems. Whether it’s a sneakily educational smart toy or a futuristic gadget, we’ve got the best tech gifts for any Generation Alpha kid.

Best tablets for Gen Alpha

Looking to get your Gen Alpha a tablet? The Apple iPad is the obvious answer for good reason. Yes, it’s sleek, fast and easy to use, but more important, it currently has the widest variety of app options. Get your pick of everything from big name entertainment options to innovative STEM learning apps. It’s a product designed for people of all ages, so they can grow with it, too.

An older Gen Alpha who wants a tablet that is going to be great for gaming or creative tasks, like graphic design, is going to love the Samsung Galaxy tablet. It doesn’t have as many app options as an iPad, but it’s got more storage and is more capable of handling the bandwidth demands of gaming and creativity.

An affordable choice for younger Gen Alphas into vids and games is the Amazon Kids Fire tablet. It’s got a built-in case and is great for videos, but won’t be able to grow into a tablet for homework or older teen tech pursuits.

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Best gifts for Gen Alpha gamers

The Nintendo Switch is the overwhelming first choice of gaming platforms for this age group. It’s portable, fast and home to some of the most popular games for Gen Alpha. If you’re introducing younger kids to their first gaming device, the Switch Lite is more affordable with tons of gaming options.

If you want to widen their gaming world, some under-the-radar options for cool games include “Let’s Build a Zoo” (great problem-solving for animal lovers), “Yoku’s Island Express” (perfect for gamers who can appreciate old-school pinball, but also want to explore a rich imagined world), “Eastward” (an engaging adventure helping a psychic girl solve puzzles and save the world) and “Heave Ho” (a simple but hysterical game to play with friends).

Best tech accessories for Gen Alpha

Help them style up with gifts like a cool-looking charger or cable protector, or a case that protects tablets against even the most rough and tumble conditions. (Bonus points if you throw in a few vinyl stickers they can use to decorate the case!)

If they’re on the older side of Gen Alpha and already take a phone everywhere they go, a portable power bank that ensures they’ve always got enough juice in their device is a cool and practical gift.

Gamers will love a decorative “skin” for their Nintendo Switch, a portable case to lug it around town or upgraded controllers to help them play at a higher level.

Clever tech for Gen Alpha

Your Gen Alpha will be the coolest kid on the block with a mini fridge they can use to store their own snacks or a small flashlight-sized gadget that’s an on-the-go photo projector.

You can also check out the most updated version of the ultimate appliance—the speaker. The Yoto Player is part speaker (for music, podcasts and stories), part white noise machine and part alarm clock. This multitasker is a great way to provide kids endless entertainment without a screen.

Best coding and STEM toys for Gen Alpha 

Kids ready to get into the concepts of coding have great choices. There’s the adorable (like this robot), the cool (like this enviable robotic ball), the musical (like these rings that help kids make music from their fingertips) and the super interactive (like these blocks or figurines that blend the physical and digital worlds).

Gen Alphas who like building their own devices will love Turing Tumble and real coding kits that provide just enough guidance to stimulate tons of ingenuity. And a kid that always has an idea about how to improve toys needs their own 3D toy printer—they’ll get to not only see how stuff gets made, but make that stuff themselves.

Best gifts for Gen Alpha kids who appreciate a throwback

Know a Gen Alpha who likes a cool gadget, but doesn’t need it to be the flashiest, newest thing on the market? Give them the gift of a tech throwback with the latest version of the Tamagotchi, Rubik’s Cube or Lite-Brite.

And remember, if you live with a member of Gen Alpha, the greatest gift you can give (to you and to them!) is a reliable home internet connection that keeps everyone in touch.

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