Henry Winkler, Warren Christie and Brooke Burns in the Hallmark Original Movie The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

9 Hallmark Original Christmas Movies to Watch This Year

Hallmark original holiday movies only come once a year, and if you’re reading this, you know why we’re excited. Sure, maybe they’re not all household holiday favorites like “Home Alone,” but if you’re in-the-know, you understand that Hallmark Christmas movies are the gift that keeps on giving all season long. With nearly 40 brand-new films being released just for Christmas 2019, there’s no shortage of family-friendly romantic stories that warm your heart.

Here are nine of our favorite Hallmark original Christmas movies:

1. “Write Before Christmas”

This 2019 Hallmark original tells the story of Jessica (Torrey DeVitto), a recently-single musician and cellist who’s inspired to send Christmas cards to the five people who have impacted her life the most: the aunt who raised her, her military brother, a pop star, a teacher and her best friend. The simple gesture has a profound impact on the recipients — and her own love life — as it leads to a chance encounter with a complete stranger. 

2. “The Mistletoe Secret”

Loosely based on author Richard Paul Evans’ novel of the same name, “The Mistletoe Secret” follows TV writer Alex (Tyler Hynes) to Midway, Utah, where he’s scoping out a story on a handful of small American cities for the travel show he works on with his boss, Sterling Masters. Reluctant that the trip will be worthwhile, Alex is greeted by resort-owner Aria (Kellie Pickler) who’s eager to tell him all about her charming hometown. We soon find that Alex’s interest in Aria goes beyond her participation as a subject in his story. 

3. “A Royal Christmas”

In 2014, the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spread royal fever across the globe. This film, released the same year, plays to our obsession with royal families as we see a young prince meet a woman who has no idea that she’s about to fall in love with Royalty. There’s just one problem: according to his parents, the prince belongs with royalty, not a commoner. In this relatable tale about finding love in an unlikely place (and against your family’s wishes) there’s plenty of romance, laughs, and a heartfelt moral.

4. “Once Upon a Christmas Miracle”

Based upon the true story of Heather Krueger and Chris Dempsey, “Once Upon a Christmas Miracle” is a roller coaster of emotions — one minute you feel like you could cry and the next you’re beaming with joy. In this romance, Heather Krueger finds out that without a liver transplant, she has just a few months to live. When Chris Dempsey, a stranger, gets word of her situation, he is compelled to help, and an unusual yet beautiful friendship blossoms into something more. 

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5. “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

This 2008 classic is one of our favorite Hallmark originals (and you’ve got to love Henry Winkler). A canceled flight and a chance encounter leads to retired NYPD cop Ralph offering a young chef (Morgan) to stay with him at his niece’s home. The niece, Jennifer, is a successful businesswoman and a single mother with a lackluster relationship with an elitist businessman. When Morgan and Jennifer meet, there are certainly no immediate sparks, but uncle Ralph seems determined for them to get to know each other —but you’ll have to watch to see what happens!

6. “Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas”

From executive producer Blake Shelton comes “Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas.” As many great Christmas movies do, this one starts with a canceled flight. A country music star and a working professional find themselves stranded at the airport until they decide to take matters into their own hands while getting to know each other along the way.

7. “Marry Me at Christmas”

We think you’d be hard pressed to find a better scenario: your sibling is getting married, and somehow during the process you find the love of your life. That’s the basic gist of this fun and light-hearted movie that tells the story of a bridal boutique owner who can’t help but notice her client’s brother, and the feeling is mutual. Funny, feel-good, and uncomplicated-ly romantic, “Marry Me at Christmas” is a winner in our book.

8. “Finding Christmas”

It’s the classic trading places story. Single mother Ryan is nearing the end of her rope when it comes to dating until her brother and neighbor, Owen, swaps houses with a NYC advertising executive, Sean, who soon lands in their small North Carolina town. Ryan and her brother are both in for a surprise as they’re slowly but surely drawn to these people from a different world, but can this temporary interest turn into something more?

9. “Picture a Perfect Christmas”

This brand new original has a lot going for it. If you’re like me, the cute dog is one of those things. In “Picture a Perfect Christmas,” Sophie travels to her Grandmother’s home to care for her over the holiday, but a happenstance meeting of the neighbor, David, leaves her curious. Amazing chemistry between the leads helps this movie achieve holiday love story perfection. 

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