Smart tech for cats

Smart Tech for Your Clever Cat

You’ve programmed your lights, you can turn on the TV with your voice and a robot cuts the lawn for you. With all these smart home devices, why are you still changing your cat’s litter box by hand? Having a smart home means you can automate a lot of your less-than-fun chores and spend more time cuddling with your cat.

Smart feeders and treat dispensers

Your cat may beg you for food several times a day, but according to researchers at Canada’s University of Guelph, it’s better to feed cats just one large meal per day. This can reduce the risk for obesity, and potentially help cats eat less. Here are some smart options to consider:

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder – This Wi-Fi–enabled device lets you program up to 12 meals for your pet with flexible portions. You can operate it through an app on your smartphone and connect it to Amazon Echo so Alexa can even help you feed your cat.

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect – This is a stress reliever for multi-cat homes where they may steal food from each other’s bowls. It ensures that only the microchipped pet (or pet wearing a special collar) can access the bowl. Setup from your pet’s microchip to the feeder is remarkably simple, and it comes with a hub that plugs into your router. You can then use the SureFeed app to monitor how much your cats are eating, weigh out amounts of food and keep track of the bowl’s battery life.

Petkit Eversweet Dog and Cat Fountain – This filtered-water smart device has a circulation system and an automatic pump that can shut off when the water is low. You can see the water level and determine how much your cat is drinking. The pump is quiet, so it shouldn’t scare off your cat or keep you awake at night.

Cat cameras

Cats are known for being independent creatures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t desire your companionship. When you leave the house for long periods of time, they notice, and some cats will get agitated. One way to combat this is with a two-way camera.

EBO Catpal – This robot rolls and spins on the floor to entertain your feline friend, and also has a 1080p camera so you can take photos, videos and livestream your cat from anywhere. You can monitor your cat via Wi-Fi and a mobile app, and even talk to your cat remotely. The Catpal has a docking station, and it uses AI technology to detect your cat’s mood and adapt to your pet’s personality and play style.

Wyze Cam This simple home security camera will double as a cat camera. It’s inexpensive and offers 1080p video and night vision so you can watch your cat whenever you go. It also has two-way video if you want to check in with your furry friend.

Smart litter box

You may want to bring a litter robot into your life. Here are some that may work for your needs.

Space Kotty Smart Litter Box – You can monitor your cat’s physical condition, making note of how frequently your cat uses the little box, how much waste they deposit and your cat’s weight. This smart cat litter box will alert you when it detects problems with your cat and when it’s time to change the litter inside. It won’t scoop for you, but it will keep track of the litter and can auto-order for you when supplies run low. (Available for pre-order now, arriving in December.)

ScoopFree Smart Self-Cleaning Litter Box – If you’re determined to never scoop again, this box connects to an app on your smartphone. It uses premium crystal litter that you just have to swap out once a month (for a one-cat household). The cleaning cycle runs 20 minutes after your cat has used the box, raking solid waste into a waste trap. The box also records usage data you can use to monitor your cat’s health.

Frontier Fiber 200 Internet
Frontier Fiber 200 Internet

Cat door

If you have a cat who spends time outdoors, a smart cat door is a great option to safely let your cat in and out of your house without compromising your home security. All your cat needs is a microchip and he’s ready to roam.

Sure Petcare Microchip Cat Door Connect and Internet Hub – You can link the cat door to the hub, which allows you to use the Sure PetCare app. Increase your home security by setting a curfew, and set the door to lock at a certain time each night. Take control of the door at any time using the app. The door keeps out unwanted animals by only opening for your microchipped cat (or a cat wearing a special RFID collar). You can receive notifications when your pet enters or leaves your home, and share access with friends and family or pet sitters.

Cat tracker

You’ll want to keep track of kitty when she’s outside, so invest in a cat GPS tracker or smart cat collar.

Pawktrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar – This collar is designed just for cats and features a tracking module so you can get accurate GPS positions for your pet. It has four levels of tracking tech: cellular, GPS, beacon and Wi-Fi. Your cat’s location is displayed on the Pawtrack app, and you can find out where your kitty has been with the Heatmap and Path functions, which display the history of the cat’s locations.

Many of the smart cat devices on this list are Wi-Fi enabled, so you’ll need fast and reliable internet access to use them. You also need to keep an eye on your bandwidth and determine whether your internet can handle all of your smart home devices. Fiber internet is your best bet for high-speed internet, so if it’s available in your area, call your internet service provider and request it for your home.

Product features may have changed and are subject to change.

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