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You’re Using AI More Than You Think. Here’s Why You Need Fiber Internet

Artificial intelligence isn’t just the stuff of sci-fi movies. Every day, your smart devices use AI to uncover and understand your needs, helping to make your life more convenient.

How AI works

The Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) often work in tandem. The IoT in your life are smart devices—your Amazon Alexa, your Ring smart doorbell, your smart speaker, your Nest thermostat, for example—with AI sensors that collect data from the devices. They might recognize what time you wake up every morning or measure the temperature inside your fridge. Then, AI and machine learning capabilities combine to provide you with helpful recommendations.

The more devices and apps, the more you need a fiber network

Fiber internet is currently the fastest, most capable home internet option available. Here’s why it’s your best choice for powering AI applications:

  • Speed – Fiber internet travels along fiber optic cables, which allow for faster transmission than traditional copper cables. This way, you don’t have to worry about your AI applications lagging.
  • Bandwidth – Along with speed, fiber provides higher bandwidth, meaning it can handle more data being transferred than cable can. This is critical: You want a network that won’t get overwhelmed by the connectivity AI requires, especially if your entire household is trying to use different AI functions at the same time.
  • Reliability – Fiber cables are better able to withstand weather disturbances and other interferences. As you come to rely on AI-powered applications that make life easier, you want to make sure your connection is always there.

You need AI to be responsive and fast

When you need sounder sleep

Intelligent sleep devices like smart sunrise alarm clocks, mattresses, pillows and blinds use AI sensors to measure your sleep patterns and provide personalized recommendations about the temperatures, noise levels and mattress firmness settings that provide you with the best night’s rest.

When your laundry needs a refresh

Smart washing machines measure loads and analyze fabrics to save energy, automatically dole out just the right amount of detergent and regulate wash cycle strength to maintain the quality of your clothes.

When you want more cash in the bank

Ever deposit a check via your mobile banking app? That’s done via AI, and it saves you a trip to the bank.

When you’re sick of cleaning

Smart vacuums like Roombas use AI to identify obstacles and take the most efficient routes to clean your floors.

Get Frontier Fiber Internet
Get Frontier Fiber Internet

When you want better workouts

AI fitness apps or systems like CoPilot, Tempo, FitnessAI or Tonal use AI sensors to monitor your progress, provide personalized movements to help you meet goals and correct your form to keep you injury-free.

When you need to connect to customer service

Trying to resolve an issue with an AI-powered chatbot? A speedy, reliable connection will make sure those chats are resolved quickly, and will help the bot have all the info they need to solve your problem.

When you want to keep an eye on your baby

Monitoring devices like the Cubo Ai and Nanit use facial scanning and motion sensoring to provide analytics and recommendations for better, safer sleep for infants.

…or your pet

AI-powered cameras like Furbo learn about your furry friend over time, giving you updates on daily habits, noting irregularities and allowing you to use your voice to calm them down or dispense a treat. It even stands in as photographer—AI sensors can recognize when your pet is looking at the camera and snap a “selfie.”

When your fridge needs a boost

Your first step in a smart kitchen can be an AI-enabled refrigerator. Sensors monitor temps and alert you when maintenance is needed, track inventory so you know when you’re low on kitchen staples or something’s about to expire, and provide meal suggestions based on the stuff you’ve already got.

When you have no idea what to cook

A smart home device like your Amazon Alexa can turn into your smart kitchen assistant. The more you ask Alexa for cooking help or use her to create your grocery shopping list, the more she’ll be able to learn what you like and provide recipe suggestions that fit your budget, dietary needs and tastes.

When you need a smarter plug

AI-enabled smart outlets prevent overcharging and offer scheduling suggestions about the optimal times to give your devices or appliances a power boost.

When you’d love to control your home’s temp (and energy bill!)

Thanks to AI, an easy-to-use smart thermostat like a Google Nest will learn your schedule and habits, providing you with the recommendations that slash your bills while still keeping you at the perfect temp. 

Upgrading to Frontier Fiber sounds like a smart move

When you’re looking for advice and guidance from your smart devices, you’re counting on reliability. And that’s what Frontier Fiber is all about. Fiber is always on and doesn’t get caught up in neighborhood traffic slowdowns. Plus, the upload and download speeds match, so all the data you send travels at the same speed as data you receive. Ready for Frontier Fiber? Check here to see when it’s available at your address.

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