Best Smart Gadgets for Babies and Their New Parents

In the chaotic and clueless early days of parenting, new moms and dads will love any gift that makes their lives even just a little bit easier. The smart tech market is flooded with products that promise to deliver that ease, but it can be difficult to know which are worth it, and which will only add to the clutter or confusion.

That’s why we’re here. We’ve weeded out the unnecessary products and put together this list of the smart home gadgets that help keep both babies and parents happy and safe, even on the most difficult days (and nights).

Best gadgets for feeding

You’ll be the talk of the baby shower if you pull up with the Elvie smart breast pump. Silent, slender cups are totally wire-free and can be slipped into a bra to pump on the go, making it a game changer for breastfeeding parents. Plus, smart tech allows the pump to learn about the wearer’s milk production over time, offering them valuable insights about when and why they’ll get the best results.

A sleek 3-in-1 product from Beaba warms milk, sterilizes bottles and can reheat food once baby has moved on to solids. It fits any bottle that baby prefers, and a smart timer and sensor analyzes the bottle to get the milk or food to just the right temperature. Another huge bonus? It heats milk in just two minutes, meaning baby won’t be hungry for long.

New parents need a bottle warmer that makes on-the-go feeds seamless without adding any bulk to the diaper bag. The Baby’s Brew portable bottle warmer heats both breastmilk and formula bottles without having to be plugged in, using smart tech to heat to the safest temperature for each while preserving the nutrients in the milk.

Best gadgets for sleep

Sleep is one of the most important and elusive elements of raising a little one. It’s not a new problem, but there are tech gadgets that are making it easier to get kiddos to bed.

A smart monitor from Evoz alerts you via a phone when baby cries and gives crystal clear picture quality for monitoring from anywhere. The best part? It also tracks baby’s sleep and allows you to see it in easy-to-read, insightful charts right from an app. Parents can share that data with doctors if there are sleep or health concerns, or use it to figure out a sleep schedule that keeps everyone happy. Critically, the company also prioritizes security, ensuring your connected monitor is always safe.   

Sound machines can also work wonders, and the Hatch Rest+ goes above and beyond just offering sound. Along with tons of options for lullabies, white noise and soothing sounds, the Hatch Rest+ doubles as a night light and triples as a two-way audio monitor, so that parents can hear if baby cries and soothe them from another room using just their voice. Plus, its Wi-Fi connection makes it controllable from anywhere.

If you want to help both parents and baby get comfy before bedtime, wow them with the gift of a Babyletto Kiwi Glider Recliner. The old school rocking motion has put kids to sleep for generations, now combined with electric technology that silently reclines the chair at the push of a button. And it includes a USB port, so parents are never trapped in a feeding or sleep session without a juiced-up smartphone.

When baby turns three, the Toniebox is a great way for kids to have fun story or music time before bed, all without a screen. Easy for kids to control on their own, it can help foster independence while also letting kids drift off to enjoyable, educational content like songs, stories and nursery rhymes. And you can always add on to the Toniebox with new books and songs, so it can be the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, you have ultimate control, as the app is linked to your smart device, so you can turn it into a white noise machine, naptime’s best friend.

Frontier Fiber 200 Internet
Frontier Fiber 200 Internet

Best gadgets for keeping clean

Small but mighty, the Ayla Vacuum is a must-have for new parents who need a quick way to clean all the new dirty bits and bobs their kid will leave behind.

Another fine mess? Snot. New parents can use this electric nasal aspirator from Dr. Noze Best on even the squirmiest to suction out little nostrils and help baby breathe better.

It doesn’t get much messier than a diaper. This UV diaper pail from Munchkin kills 99% of germs and odors using LED UV lights, keeping every nursery sanitary and fresh.

It’s not easy being a new parent, but thoughtful and clever gifts can make those early days much easier. And if you want to tack on some free advice to parents along with your gift, remind them to make sure their home internet is ready for the added demand that Wi-Fi–enabled devices bring. Fast, reliable and secure service makes all the difference when every little moment with baby matters.

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