Underrated Video Games of All Kinds

Even the most dedicated gamers can’t play them all. Each year, hundreds of video games are released—thousands, if you count indie games—but it’s typically only a handful that get buzz from casual and committed gamers alike.

This happens for tons of reasons. Not every video game gets a giant marketing budget, so you may just not have heard of some cool new release. Others don’t get the attention when they’re released around the same time as a “Halo” or “Red Dead Redemption.” They never gain some of the traction of their peers despite also being a fantastic game. Then there are the games that are interesting and innovative but may be a little too niche for the mass market, which means games don’t get enough recognition.

For every “Zelda” or “Mario Kart” or “Grand Theft Auto,” there are dozens of less popular video games that live in the shadows of the more splashy big releases. If you’re ready to break out of your gaming rut and tackle some of the most overlooked video games, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a stress reliever or a kid’s game that’s fun and educational, here are the best video games that have flown under the radar.

Best underrated Switch games

You’ve got seemingly endless options to switch up what you’re playing on your Nintendo Switch. Want “Animal Crossing” meets “Farmville,” but way wackier and post-apocalyptic? Check out “Atomicrops.” For an adventure that’s equal parts relaxing and gorgeous, download “Spiritfarer.”

Love music as much as gaming? Get into “Sayonara Wild Hearts” for an arcade game with a soundtrack that’s as cool as its dreamy visuals.

If you’re into puzzle games, “Bonfire Peaks” puzzles are expertly and lusciously designed, and “The Talos Principle” may force you to think about cracking puzzles in ways you never have before.

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Best underrated PC games

Days Gone” has rave reviews among the small number of people who’ve played the action-packed post-apocalyptic zombie game. If you’re into fast-paced fighting games, you can’t go wrong with colorful and creative “Spiritfall” or “AK-xolotl,” which features the cutest rogue-like shooter around.

If you’re into puzzles, get lost in the world of “Sensorium.” Or, to flex some different brain muscles, you can check out decades worth of “Ace Attorney,” where you’re fighting for clients in court by discovering what really happened in their cases.

Want some adventure games? “Helen’s Mysterious Castle” is quick, expansive and just the right amount of mysterious, while “Sleeping Dogs” is a grittier Hong Kong–based game, where you help an undercover agent take down the bad guys from the inside.

Best underrated games for kids

There are tons of games designed for kids that are fun, educational and exciting, without relying on violence or mature themes. One of the coolest longtime reliable STEM games is “Kerbal Space Program,” where kids get to design and fly their own spacecraft with the help of adorable alien creatures. If they’re more into animals than space, they can manage some wild things in “Let’s Build a Zoo.”

For young gamers who love a good mystery, check out the interactive “Nancy Drew games,” where they get to play detective for some challenging puzzles. Or, if you know a budding theater kid, introduce them to “Once Upon a Jester,” where they can stage their own shows in a whimsical world.

The Wii gets all the attention for games that incorporate physical movement into gameplay, but don’t sleep on “Heave Ho.” Kids will collapse in a fit of giggles when they try to beat this one.

Best underrated non-gamer games

Not a gamer but love to unwind with an easy, stress-relieving game? You’re not alone. Games like “Candy Crush” and “Animal Crossing” are designed for you. But if you’re up for some new challenges, check out “Littlewood,” where you can relax while building a peaceful woodland town. “Slime Rancher” is another fun one—where else do you get to battle futuristic slimes a thousand lightyears away from Earth?

If you’re looking for an entry point into more elaborate games, try “Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.” You’ll go on an adventure across a fantasy world.

Gaming tips

Finally, a couple tips before you get lost in your new games. For one, check out our guide to staying safe while video gaming. It will help you avoid dangers like identify theft or cyberbullying.

And, of course, make sure you’re playing on a network that’s fast, reliable and safe enough for all your gaming needs. Right now, that is fiber.

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