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Chuck is a writer, journalist and communications expert focused on innovation and emerging technology, but his most important job is as a dad. He received his master's degree in Journalism from Columbia University.

How and Why to Conduct an Internet Speed Test

Now that you’re working from home, how is your bandwidth working for you? Your home internet service has become more important than ever recently. Back at the...

The Wonders of Gigabit Speed: How Will it Change My Life?

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Is Your Data Safe When You Work From Home? 5 Tips to Consider

We’re in a new world of work. Suddenly, our homes—our familiar homes–are our unrecognizable workplaces. This new arrangement opens up security concern...

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What is VoIP Phone?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short, is a simple idea with a complicated name: A VoIP phone functions just like any other, but instead of transmitti...

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Choosing an Internet Speed That Works for You and Your Budget

What's a good internet speed? The answer depends on how you and your family use the internet. Find out how you can choose the right speed.