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Katherine is the author of four books about working mothers. She combines her writing life with an advertising career and is the winner of several marketing awards. A determined info hound, she pays close attention to all the media around her, connects at least 10 devices to her home wi-fi, downloads a few new albums a week, has a full watch list, and checks Instagram constantly to see what her two kids are up to.

5 Tips to Get a Stronger Wi-Fi Signal From Your Router

There's nothing more frustrating than a connection that's not cutting it. When the Wi-Fi slows down, check out these tips and tricks to get back up to speed.

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Pay Bills Automatically: How and Why to Use Auto Pay

Automatic bill payment, or auto pay for short, allows you to pay bills automatically and avoid fees. Different kinds of bills will call for different kinds of auto pay. With a bill that fluctuates from month to month, auto pay should be set up through the provider to ensure

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How to Buy a TV: 6 Tips to Your Perfect Purchase

Today's TVs use a range of different technologies that have been purpose-built for different types of households, locations, and experiences. Knowing what to look for can help you spend your dollars wisely and get the perfect TV with everything you need and nothing you don't. 

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Do You Need a Landline? 4 Things to Consider

We get it — you’re in doubt. There’s more to your landline than you think, so before you decide whether or not you need a landline, let's look at what they do and why they're still around