19 of The Best Yule Log Videos on YouTube

1. A Very Happy Yule Log (With a Dog and a Cat)

Courtesy of the folks at Hallmark (who bring us some of the best christmas movies every year) is this adorable yule log. 

Why watch? Two words: cute and fluffy.

2. Nick Offerman Drinking Whiskey Yule Log

The “Parks and Recreation” actor teamed up with Lagavulin to bring you 45 minutes of sipping whiskey in silence in front of a fireplace. For your pleasure, we’ve included the 10-hour loop below. 

Why watch? Nick Offerman is entertaining even when he’s just staring into the camera and this yule log can keep you company.

3. Disney Yule Log

Perfect if you have two screens—one for the yule log, and one for Disney+ streaming. If you’re a Disney person, you’ll understand. 

Why watch? It’s worth it for the surprise guest who appears at the end.

4. The Original WPIX Yule Log 

You can trace the origin of the yule log back to a 1966 broadcast from television station WPIX. It was filmed at Gracie Mansion, home of then Mayor of New York John Lindsay. If you’re looking for the original playlist to accompany the video, look no further.

Why watch? The original 16 mm film was lost in 1969 until being rediscovered by a station archivist in 2016. 

5. Captain America Yule Log

Step inside Captain America’s Brooklyn apartment to warm up by the fire.

Why watch? Because if you’re a Marvel purist, this scene is canon. 

6. Fireplace For Your Home Birchwood Edition in 4K

For yule log die-hards, birchwood is about as good as it gets. 

Why watch? The old reliable of yule logs, and this one is available on Netflix in glorious 4K. 

7. PES Stop-Motion Yule Log

Adam “PES” Pesapane is a stop-motion animator. Perhaps you’ve seen his Emmy and Oscar nominated shorts like “Fresh Guacamole.” Here he brings us a beautifully crafted stop-motion yule log.

Why watch? It’s two hours of candy corn and pretzels…and it’s awesome.

8. Joe Pesci “Home Alone” Yule Log

Pulled right from the holiday classic, “Home Alone,” and looped by a clever internet citizen, this is a different kind of yule log. 

Why watch? This image paired with relaxing holiday music is quite a hoot. 

9. Norwegian Tundra Yule Log

Bring the outside in with this campfire yule log filmed in a Norwegian tundra. 

Why watch? Because it’s rugged, yet beautiful.

10. Bunny Yule Log

You didn’t think this list would only include one cute animals yule log, did you? I’ll warn you now, after watching this bunny snuggled up next to the fire you will want to take a nap. 

Why watch? Look how precious that bunny looks. 

11. Traditional Yule Log

This is a solid, well-produced yule log video with eye catching visuals and delightfully crispy, crackling audio.

Why watch? Because sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

12. Open Range Yule Log

Another one for those who love the outdoors, this open range scene will transport you to a different world. 

Why watch? Horses, cowboys and serenity. ‘Nuf said.

13. Overwatch Yule Log

It’s become tradition for the celebrated gaming franchise Overwatch to live stream a yule log each year on streaming platform Twitch. It features notable Overwatch employees, some jokes and a few easter eggs for fans. 

Why watch? This seven hour spectacular features a rotating cast of characters, even if they don’t do much. 

14. Florida Beach Yule Log

Maybe you live in the sunshine state, or maybe you just wish you did, but this beach fire yule log almost makes us sick of winter already.

Why watch? It’s Christmas in paradise.

15. Darth Vader Armor Yule Log

In “Return of the Jedi” Darth Vader sacrifices himself to protect his son, Luke Skywalker, from Darth Sidious. In a final homage to his father, he burns his infamous armor suit on a funeral pyre. Take this classic scene, add internet, and you have the Darth Vader armor yule log.

Why watch? So you can watch “Star Wars” even when you’re not watching “Star Wars.”

16. Spooky True Crime Yule Log

This yule log from the Buzzfeed Unsolved Network features three true crime stories set against a modest fire (that’s haunted by ghosts). 

Why watch? Because you’re obsessed with true crime. 

17. Super 8-Bit Fireplace Yule Log

This one comes courtesy of animator Jimi Cuell and it’s full of retro 8-bit glory. 

Why watch? This yule log has some funny surprises.

18. Lil BUB’s Magical Yule Log

Yes, it’s another cute animal yule log. You can thank us later.

Why watch? Because Lil BUB’s tongue is the definition of cute. 

19. All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride

This isn’t a yule log at all, but it’s a quintessential piece of slow TV that channels exactly what we love about yule logs. Come along for a serene journey on a reindeer-drawn sleigh. Filmed in Norway, 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, there’s no plot and no dialogue, just three hours of peaceful winter scenery and sounds. While it’s no longer airing on BBC, you may be able to find the full program if you look hard enough. 

Why watch? Because this is probably your only chance to experience this kind of sleigh ride.

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