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18 of the Best Yule Log Videos on YouTube

Those burning yule logs are forever a symbol of Christmas. Search YouTube for “yule log videos” and prepare to be overwhelmed by the variety of choices. And the choices go way beyond the traditional fireplace.

Whether your choices are musical, comical or adorable, you can really mix up your yule log experience. Stream a bunch of them this season, and gift the links to your friends and family.

1. Happy animals yule log

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is responsible for an abundance of gifts this yuletide season: a ton of Christmas movies and an adorable yule log video featuring Happy the Cat, Happy the Dog, a slew of kittens and puppies and maybe a surprise or two. 

Why watch? The cuteness overload.

2. Nick Offerman drinking whiskey yule log

The “Parks and Recreation” actor sits in a big leather chair sipping a nice glass of whiskey in silence in front of a fireplace. Almost like he’s listening politely to your stories. For your pleasure, stream on a 10-hour loop.

Why watch? Nick Offerman is entertaining even when he’s just staring into the camera, and this yule log can keep you company.

3. Disney yule log

Perfect if you have two screens—one for the yule log, one for Disney+ streaming. If you’re a Disney person, you’ll understand.

Why watch? It’s worth it for the surprise guest who appears at the end.

4. Marvel fireside videos

Marvel Entertainment gifts the world with superhero-themed fireside videos. The hour-long options include Iron Man’s Manhattan Penthouse (see below), Captain America’s Brooklyn apartment, Thor’s Asgard home, Ms. Marvel’s New Jersey home and the Guardians of the Galaxy’s spaceship.

Why watch? For superhero nerds, geeks and cosplayers, this is yet another way to channel their favorite heroes.

5. PES stop-motion yule log

Adam “PES” Pesapane is a stop-motion animator. Perhaps you’ve seen his Emmy- and Oscar-nominated shorts like “Fresh Guacamole.” Here he brings us a beautifully crafted stop-motion yule log.

Why watch? It’s two hours of candy corn and pretzels, and it’s awesome.

6. Joe Pesci “Home Alone” yule log

Pulled right from the holiday classic “Home Alone,” and looped by a clever internet citizen, this is a different kind of yule log. 

Why watch? This image paired with relaxing holiday music is quite a hoot. 

7. Norwegian tundra yule log

Bring the outside in with this campfire yule log filmed on a Norwegian tundra. 

Why watch? Because it’s rugged and beautiful.

8. Billy Idol “Happy Holidays” yule log

Billy Idol’s Christmas tune–filled yule log video runs 40 minutes long. Instead of “White Wedding” and “Rebel Yell,” the ’80s-era rocker belts out everything from “Frosty the Snowman” to “Auld Lang Syne.”

Why watch? This is Billy Idol. Singing holiday classics. Nuff said.

9. Bunny yule log

Time for the requisite cute-animal yule log. After watching this bunny snuggled up next to the fire, you’ll want to settle down for your long winter’s nap.

Why watch? Look how precious this bunny is.

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10. Michael Bublé “Christmas” yule log

This year marks the 10th anniversary of crooner Bublé’s megahit “Christmas” album, and many of those mistle-tunes can be heard.

Why watch? This video has amassed over 50 million views in four years. Plus, Bublé and country superstar Shania Twain duet “White Christmas” at the nine-minute mark. You’re welcome.

11. Traditional yule log

This is your classic well-produced yule log video with cozy visuals and delightfully crispy, crackling audio.

Why watch? Because sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel—especially for eight hours straight.

12. The open range yule log

For those who love sitting around a crackling campfire as the sun sets, this open range scene will transport you to a different world.

Why watch? Horses, cowboys, serenity. Repeat.

13. Florida beach yule log

Dreaming of spending the holidays at the beach? Enjoy hours of an oceanside fire yule log with the waves rolling in and the sun setting down.

Why watch? It’s Christmas in a zen paradise.

14. Darth Vader armor yule log

In “Return of the Jedi,” Darth Vader sacrifices himself to protect his son, Luke Skywalker, from Darth Sidious. In a final homage to his father, Luke burns the infamous suit of armor on a funeral pyre. Now you can stream this classic scene for five hours.

Why watch? An emotional but fitting yule log for any “Star Wars” fan.

15. Spooky true crime yule log

In this yule log video from the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network, storytellers take you through three true crime stories while you look into flames haunted by ghosts.

Why watch? Because you get to listen to true crime tales sitting around a fire. Perfection.

16. Super 8-bit fireplace yule log

This one, courtesy of animator Jimi Cuell, takes you back to the 8-bit pixel animation glory of the original Nintendo Game Boy.

Why watch? This yule log has some funny surprises.

17. Lil BUB’s magical yule log

Cute cat. Really cute cat. You can thank us later.

Why watch? Because Lil BUB’s tongue is the definition of cute.

18. “Outlander” yule log

Superfans of the hit Starz drama “Outlander” just might be in the mood to stream a 90-minute video of the “Fraser’s Ridge Yule Log,” complete with Scottish music and a cute little kitten.

Why watch? For those in the know, Claire and Jamie Fraser are one of the hottest couples on TV. What better way to celebrate them, the show, Scotland and Christmas all at the same time?

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