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Tyler is a writer, editor, and coach with over a decade of experience in tech and wellness. She began as a journalist at the University of Pennsylvania and wrote for Costa Rica's newspaper, The Tico Times, and Rochester, New York's CITY Newspaper before turning toward tech. She contributes to tech companies Muse, Jour, and Double, and has also written songs that have received radio airplay.

Member login screen on a tablet sitting on a desk

Password Managers: What Are They and How Can They Help

You believe in online security. You know you need to keep your data safe. The challenge is that you need a password for every single account you have online, from your mortgage to your bank account, health insurance to your car loan—not to mention the 50 different sites where

WiFi router and running shoes with a water bottle for home gyms

How the Most Popular Smart Home Gyms Will Impact Your Wi-Fi

You might be considering a connected fitness system, mobile workout app, or other online platform to help you stay active through the colder months. As you assess the costs and benefits of your new home quarantine workouts, it’s important to consider how they will impact your internet service.Does bandwidth

Internet router and moving boxes

Getting Ready to Move? Here’s How To Get the Best Internet in Your New Home

Let’s face it: Moving is complicated. Through all the packing and unpacking, the last thing you want to worry about is setting up your Wi-Fi. Fortunately, staying digitally connected is relatively straightforward. By knowing these steps ahead of time, you can avoid gaps in coverage and stay online during