Digging in yard to install fiber

Does a Crew Have To Dig in My Yard To Install Fiber?

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Not every fiber installation means digging in your yard. There are two different ways that fiber service is wired to your home: underground and aerial. Depending on where you live and how the provider is bringing fiber directly to your home determines the type of installation you’ll have.

Let’s look at how this happens and details on each deployment method.

The fiber planning process

You, the homeowner, don’t have the choice about whether the fiber drop to your home is buried underground or strung by wire from a pole. That decision was made many months before by your local community council, working closely with the fiber provider chosen to do the implementation.

The provider took months to analyze your neighborhood or community and factor in your soil, your infrastructure, your roads, your geography and the location of other utility connections to determine a construction plan for bringing in fiber implementation. After that plan was approved by the local authorities, another more detailed engineering plan was created.

And that’s when these experts weighed the options to build the right implementation plan for your neighborhood. So if some houses near you have aerial installations while some have buried installations, it’s all built into the plan.

Underground installation: the last mile

When your installation is underground a crew chosen by your fiber provider will dig a small trench on your property to bury the line that comes from the street. Before they do this, they’ll mark and protect any other buried utility lines in your yard by working with 811 Call Before You Dig. Those are the little white and yellow flags you might see in yards when people are doing anything from digging for a new deck or planting new trees.

Once the line is brought onto your premises, a technician will install a service box—an Optical Network Terminal—either inside or outside your home. From that connection, the technician will connect the data line to your new router. You’ll have Wi-Fi—and you’ll be running on fast fiber!

Aerial installation: the last mile

An aerial installation will come from a wire strung on a utility pole. Typically, the local power company owns the top of the pole for their lines, and the phone and internet providers own a secondary location.

From a nearby designated utility pole, technicians will follow the prescribed plan to use the pole to string a line right to the outside of your home. From there, they’ll run the wire directly to an Optical Network Terminal—either inside or outside your home. From that connection, the technician will connect the data line to your new router. You’ll have Wi-Fi—and you’ll be running on fast fiber!

Is the installation all done at once?

For some buried installations, the provider may not be able to complete your outside installation in one visit. In that case, a temporary connection will probably be set up so that you’ll have fiber service. They’ll return to bury and complete the process. Check with your provider to find out the particulars of your home’s fiber installation.

Buried or aerial, the results are worth it

Sure, you’ve been anticipating your fiber for a long time—perhaps for six months or more. But your patience will pay off, as once it comes to your home, you’ll have faster internet speed, multiplayer gaming without lag, smoother video calls and enough bandwidth, so everybody in your household can be online doing everything they like to do there all at once.

So, sit tight and you’ll get through the install. Your best life with fiber is on its way!

12 responses to “Does a Crew Have To Dig in My Yard To Install Fiber?”

  1. Frontier Communications says:

    Not at all, William. If your home is receiving a new fiber install for the first time and a buried drop needs placed, that’s included with the installation.

  2. Rigo Sanabria says:

    How do I make a request to bury my fiber line to the home?

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Rigo, you shouldn’t need to request the drop connecting your home be buried, it’s part of the installation process. Most often it occurs before your installation but sometimes we connect with a temp and have to bury after. If that’s an issue we’re happy to help, just reach out to us on Social Media at m.me/FrontierCorp or Twitter.com/AskFrontier. You can also contact us by live chat for phone https://www.frontier.com/contact-us.


  3. Frontier Communications says:

    Hi Fred. I think you’re asking how we would bring the fiber into your home’s interior because the exterior is concrete? With any installation we have bring the service into the home, so some manner of hole to ingress from the exterior to the interior would be required. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask. ^Michael

  4. Mark says:

    Can I choose where the fiber comes into my home? Ideally I would want it to go right next to were the cable TV coax cable is currently coming into my home.

    • Frontier Communications says:

      It’s not a common request but we can certainly work with you prior to install. I would suggest once you place an order to contact us on social media with a PM on Facebook (m.me/FrontierCorp) or a DM on Twitter (twitter.com/AskFrontier) and we can assist. Typically the fiber is run to the same location that other utilities connect to your home to use a common ingress location. ^Michael

  5. Anton says:

    I am installing conduit from the street to my new home for the power company. What is the conduit requirements for Frontier? Size and Location?

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Anton, if you have advance knowledge of where our termination point is any conduit with a pull string placed that can support a line approximately 1/2 inch in diameter would work, but there is usually no need to do this for a fiber drop as they’re done as direct bury or aerial when an order for service is placed. Assuming the line is buried it would go from the in ground vault to the home. ^Michael

  6. Scott says:

    When the crew dig in my yard to install fiber, do I have to pay for that too ?

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hey Scott, I think you mean the buried drop for the installation? If that’s correct then no, you’re not charged for the buried drop work. ^Michael

  7. Jonathan says:

    All of my existing utility lines (including my current Frontier landline) are run down the utility pole at the end of my driveway into a conduit that goes underground under my driveway into my home. Is it possible for Frontier to pull fiber through in that conduit vs. having to string aerial? I buried the other wires to avoid having unsightly aerial lines.

    I live in Riverside, CT, in case that has a bearing on the answer.

    • Frontier Communications says:

      Hi Jonathan, great question! As long as the conduit has the space and is unobstructed or has a pull string it should work. Another requirement for fiber is the bend radius is not too extreme. Our installer would have to verify that at the time of install. If you’ve ever seen the things that look like tennis rackets or snow shoes on aerial lines, those things have fiber wrapped around them looping back and are in place to keep a safe bend radius on the optical cable. ^Michael

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