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The Best Smart Home Gifts and Tech Gadgets for Everyone on Your List in 2021

Who doesn’t love the gift of tech? From kitchen gadgets that make meals more delicious to new smart home devices that bring the family together, a gift that incorporates the latest and greatest tech brings a smile to anyone’s face.

Best tech gifts for working from home

The remote office is here to stay, and here’s quality gear that makes working from home more seamless.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

This sleek, top-of-the line bluetooth keyboard is one of the most versatile around, working with Macs, Chromebooks and Windows devices. Plus, it comes in cute colors and works as a bluetooth keyboard for iPad and iPhones, making it a great gift for teens who do their homework from their devices.

Ember Smart Mug

This smart mug keeps your hot beverage at just the temperature you want it, learns when to turn on and off and can be controlled from an app. Even the smart home device skeptics give this five stars, saying it’s the gadget they didn’t know they needed to transform their work-from-home experience.

Anker PowerConf S3 Bluetooth Speakerphone

Thanks to real-time voice optimization that reduces background noise and automatically balances the differences in qualities of all call participants, this tiny smart speakerphone eliminates lag and any lack of clarity.  

Plugable USB C Triple Display Docking Station

Ideal for juggling work between home, office, coffee shops or business trips, this ultra-compatible docking station supports three different monitors, can double as a charging station and makes it easy to get into the work zone.

Best tech gifts for helping in the kitchen

These smart kitchen devices mean ever more capable cooking.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

Fresh herbs anytime! With automatic watering capabilities, smart soil that offers the perfect amount of nutrients for each type of plant and an energy-efficient lighting system, this helps even the least green-thumbed home chefs.

Perfect Drink PRO Smart Scale

Whether you’re making homemade margaritas or blending a smoothie, this smart scale lets you know via an app exactly how much of any ingredient will be in the drink, offers recipes based on what you have and like, and recalculates in real time if you accidentally overpour.

MEATER Smart Meat Thermometer

Perfect for kitchen newbies and pros alike, this smart thermometer uses sensors to help achieve the perfect cook, makes recommendations and lets everyone follow along via a free app.    

Best tech gifts for learning at home

These are holiday gift ideas that make learning fun for all ages (yes, even homework!).

Philips Kids Headphones

These headphones are made just for little ears, don’t go above 85 decibels for maximum safety and are ergonomically designed to grow with a kid. Whether they’re watching educational videos or connecting on a class project via Zoom, this gift will help them hear everything clearly without disrupting the household.

Homer Learn & Grow App

Ideal for the smallest learners on your list, this system introduces educational screen time to kids ages 2 to 8. It promotes independent learning and play, providing personalized lessons and activities for kids of every skill level. 

Get Frontier Fiber Internet
Get Frontier Fiber Internet

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Give the gift of digital reading without the harsh light of screens. For younger students, go with the Kids edition—it’s designed to be distraction-free, and it comes with tools like a vocabulary builder and a font designed for dyslexic learners, helping everyone get the most out of every word.

Best smart home tech gifts

These smart home devices make for easy living.

Apple HomePod Mini

This is an easy entry into the smart home. Available in lots of fun colors, this smart speaker has great sound quality for such a small device.

Voltson Smart Wi-Fi Outlet Plug

This smart plug is small but mighty. Controllable by an app or by voice to schedule lights or charge a device, these also track your energy usage and provide recommendations that can help you use less juice and lower your bills.

Best tech gifts for a fitness lover

New tech is making workouts more efficient, personalized and safe than ever before.

Mirror Home Workout System

The top of every fitness lover’s wish list, Mirror has transformed home workouts. It acts as a personal trainer, checking form to prevent injuries, providing recommendations based on individual fitness goals and keeping home workouts interesting and fun. 

FORM Smart Swim Googles

It took a second for underwater enthusiasts to get the same workout tech that on-land athletes got, but the future is now. If you know a swimmer, surprise them with googles that track and display their swim, giving them real-time info on their workout and recommendations for optimizing every lap.

Fitbit Versa 3

Smart and sleek, this fitness smartwatch is the most modern, comprehensive health and fitness tracker out there. Far beyond tracking just steps or heart rate activity, this offers GPS capabilities, the power to respond to phone calls or texts, and personalized recommendations to reduce stress and improve sleep.

Best tech gifts for the whole family

A great smart home device is one that brings people of all ages together (or at least makes it easier to live together!).

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus is proving that virtual reality headsets don’t have to be clunky and overly expensive anymore. The Quest 2 device is shockingly easy to set up and use, and it has entertainment options for the whole family, ranging from gaming applications to virtual “concert tickets” to immersive experiences that bring people together.

Aura Mason Digital Photo Frame

Especially great for families that live far from each other, this smart digital frame can be constantly updated with photos from all users via an app, with enough storage for more than 10,000 photos.

Frontier Fiber with gig speed makes tech work smarter

If you keep a few of these smart devices for yourself, kick up your internet connection with fiber. Fiber gives your internet the speed and bandwith– additional capacity and reliability–that connected devices require. If fiber is available in your neighborhood, it’s time to make the connection. Better equipped to carry speedy signals and not susceptible to the same weather disturbances as cable, it’s the future-proof connection that keeps on giving. Ready for Frontier Fiber? Check to see if it’s available at your address.

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