17 Cool Games To Play on Your Google Home

People are looking for new ways to entertain themselves at home. There are dozens of games to play on Google Home—and they’re all free! If you’re like 25% of Americans who have brought a smart speaker into your home, there’s a world of entertainment you can explore.

Once you give your device a break from all those tasks, access games by saying “Hey, Google” and the correct command for the game of your choice. You might need to update your device to gain access to the most recent games.

Google Home party games

1. “Hey, Google, let’s play Ding Dong Coconut.”

As zany as it sounds, Ding Dong Coconut is a word association game where you pair words with sounds. Kid-friendly and fun, it’s perfect for the next family game night!

2. “Hey, Google, talk to Party Card Game.”

For a wildly fun 21+ night, try your voice at the Party Card Game. Rivaled only by the classic game of “Never Have I Ever.” Someone will overshare.

3. “Hey Google, talk to Would You Rather.”

And speaking of classics…this one is certain to liven up the party. Would you rather talk to your friends or your Google Home? You can do both! Dive into the moment with hilarious prompts like: would you rather be in a swimming pool full of toads or run a marathon blindfolded?

4. “Hey, Google, talk to Mime Jam.”

Folks, it’s charades! Up to 15 people can play this Google Assistant–hosted party game. Channel your inner Chalamet and see if your friends can guess what you’re acting out.

5. “Hey, Google, talk to iPax Truth or Dare.”

Tell the truth, if you dare! Or dare to do a few pushups. Wellness warriors will love this Truth or Dare game where the dare gets you out of your chair.

6. “Hey, Google, talk to Hangman of the Day.”

Jump on the Wordle hype by playing this guess-the-word game. Every day features a new word and the same stick figure.

Google Home trivia games

7. “Hey, Google, let’s play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

Google partnered with Sony Pictures Television to bring this classic trivia game into your home. Asking the audience has never been so easy.

8. “Hey, Google, talk to Trivia Crack.”

Willy, the host, asks you questions about history, sports, art, entertainment, geography and science. Move up the worldwide leaderboard by answering correctly.

9. “Hey, Google, talk to Trivia Hero.”

It’s the hero’s journey (through 60 seconds of trivia) and your fate rests in your obscure trivia knowledge. Play by yourself or against up to 20 other competitors. See if you have what it takes to be a hero!

10. “Hey, Google, let’s have fun.”

If you’re testing your trivia knowledge, it’s time to step up your research. Your Google Assistant comes with thousands of intriguing facts. 

Google Home adventure games

11. “Hey, Google, ask Wandering Spaceship to go on an adventure.”

The Swiss Arts Council funded this shape-shifting adventure game where you solve problems on a trip through the galaxy. Make like William Shatner and escape to the stars with up to two other friends.

12. “Hey, Google, talk to Scooby-Doo Stories.”

This one is perfect for the Shaggy in your life. Use voice commands to lead Scooby and the gang through dynamic stories like “The Secret of the Flying Saucer,” “The Fright at Zombie Farm” and “The Terror of the Bigfoot Beast.”

13. “Hey, Google, play My Smart Pet.”

If you can’t have a real dog, go on an adventure with a virtual one in this game from GC Turbo.

14. “Hey, Google, ask Castle Blackhorn to start a new game.”

Play as the Dwarf Fighter, Elf Ranger or Human Cleric in this mystical voyage into a dangerous castle. Overcome your fears and find a virtual world full of wonder.

15. “Hey, Google, talk to Warriors Land.”

Compete with thousands of players all over the world in your quest to becoming the Great Emperor of the Warriors Land. Ask Google Assistant to show you the map when you play the game.

Google Home math games

16. “Hey, Google, talk to Math Workout.”

It’s true: You probably never ended up using the Pythagorean theorem in your day to day. But it doesn’t hurt to keep your math skills sharp. Math Workout lets you choose between four levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane.

17. “Hey, Google, talk to Math Trainer.”

Math Trainer is a great way for kids to build a solid math foundation. Developed by a member of the Google Developers Experts Program, it offers addition, subtraction and multiplication problems.

Now you’re just a “Hey, Google” away from games, tricks, puzzles, quizzes and more. Have fun!

Game availability may have changed and is subject to change.

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