How To Find and Succeed in the Perfect Remote Job

Working from home is a lifestyle many people aren’t ready to give up. So as companies transition to in-person or hybrid models, you might be looking for ways keep your new routine. Plus, you’ve already upgraded your work-from-home setup, with faster internet and some smart tech to go with it.

Luckily, there are dozens of resources designed to help you find a permanent remote job that you’re passionate about, so you can get back to your home office.

Where can I find a remote job?

Start with these remote job sites, which give you curated lists to look through: categorizes by sector. So whether you’re looking for a job in finance or IT, you can easily narrow your search with filters. The service is free to use and lists freelance work in addition to remote job opportunities.

FlexJobs is essentially a paid version of (They were both founded by CEO Sara Sutton.) Here, your membership gives you access to high-quality remote jobs you won’t find on traditional sites. Start with a low-cost one-week trial membership.

Jobspresso listings have an emphasis on developer and tech jobs. Browse over 1,000 jobs curated daily.

Working Nomads lists jobs from around the world, so it’s an ideal option for candidates looking to expand their international networks. Set job alerts to receive emails about positions that are right for you.

If you already have an account with Indeed or ZipRecruiter, you’re in luck! Both sites list remote jobs that you can apply to with an existing profile. Indeed work-from-home jobs can be filtered by experience level, salary and job type. ZipRecruiter lists over 900,000 remote jobs, so it’s important to indicate your preference for a remote position if you’re using a traditional job-finding site like this.

And if you’re currently committed to freelancing rather than a full-time gig, Fiverr is a good source for remote freelance work to help you gain virtual experience that will appeal to hiring managers if you make the move to a full-time remote position.

4 tips to stand out to remote employers

Remote jobs are highly competitive, so follow these tips for landing your perfect remote job:

1. Apply to remote-first companies. The pandemic has forced many companies to provide robust work-from-home options for employees, so you have a wide range of choices. The best companies hiring remote workers in 2022 are either 100% remote or make remote work central to their organization. These companies have integrated digital collaboration tools like Slack, Zoom and Teams and provide flexible work hours.

2. Update your social media profiles. If you’re applying to do remote work, your digital persona is going to make the first impression. 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates, so it’s important to make sure your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles reflect your best attributes. A stellar social media profile will also make online networking easier.

3. List previous remote work experience on your resume. If you have experience managing a remote team, for example, be explicit about the virtual nature of your job on your resume. List the location of past remote work experience specifically as “remote,” so potential employers know you have the communication skills and autonomy necessary for success in a remote role.

4. Consider getting a digital business card. Landing a remote job requires new ways of communicating—and what better way to prove you’re ready for Work 2.0 than with the business card of the future? Impress prospective and future employers with a digital business card. You can have them scan your card with their smartphone or share it with them online.

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Connecting is key to building a successful career from home

Climbing the corporate ladder while working from home is tough. Remote workers need to put in extra effort to stay connected with managers and coworkers. Technology is key to connecting—and using it correctly is critical.

  • Communicate effectively. Communication is paramount to advancing your remote career. You’ll want to avoid disruptions and set up clear channels for work. Consider adding a gigabit connection to your home office to maximize your productivity. Build relationships with other remote coworkers by setting up virtual happy hours. Pick a Zoom background that shows off your personality.
  • Use the right technology. It’s all about upgrading. If you were onsite, the company would make sure your workspace was right for the job. Now, it’s up to you to have the right speakers, lighting, monitors and more. Keep up with the trends in smart gear for working from home.
  • Network digitally. Remote work can be isolating. Set aside a few hours each week to connect with colleagues and managers. Grow your circle by joining professional networks on LinkedIn and Facebook. Make connections on social media—you never know which “like” might turn into a great contact!

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