5 Best Smart Home Automation Systems To Build Into Your New Home

Building smart controls into your new home is truly a smart idea. Now that you’re starting fresh, you can implement the systems that make the most sense to you. We suggest these five: security, sound, lighting, climate and yard.

It’s important the devices you select are compatible with each other and can be controlled with the same smart home hub, such as the Google Nest Hub Max or SmartThings app. Downloading apps on your smartphone will make it easy to control and make any changes to your settings, no matter where you are.

Smart devices may be available in either wired versions or, easier on the budget, battery-operated versions. Some can be fairly easy to install, while you may need to hire a professional for others.

These five smart home systems will help make your life more convenient and save you money in the process.

1. Security system

A professionally installed smart security system, such as ADT Command or Vivint, provides 24/7 monitoring of your home’s exterior and interior. These systems can be costly and are usually installed by professionals. As a money-saving alternative, you can install a do-it-yourself smart security system that includes an alarm system and some of the following items.

Security cameras – No matter the weather, outdoor smart cameras allow you to see what’s going on and can send you alerts when someone approaches your property. Smart indoor cameras let you view what’s happening inside when you’re not home. Wireless versions of these cameras are often available for easier installation. Models that can be used indoors or outdoors include the Arlo Pro 4 Security Camera and the Lorex Smart Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera.

Video doorbell – Even when you’re not at home, these smart devices, such as Ring and Nest, let you see and respond to the person at your front door. Most video doorbells are available in both wired and battery-operated versions.

Smart locks – With smart locks on your doors, losing your house key—or a burglar finding it—are two less things to worry about. These devices, including the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock and the Wyze Lock, can automatically lock your door after you leave home. You may also be able to lock, and unlock, the door from a remote location.

2. Sound system

You can easily listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts and more in any room of your house with a smart sound system. This generally consists of smart speakers like the Echo Studio that automatically determine the room’s acoustics for the best sound possible. You can tell the sound system what you want to hear with a simple voice command.

A bonus is that smart sound systems may be used as intercoms, so you can talk to someone in another room of your home.

Frontier Fiber 200 Internet
Frontier Fiber 200 Internet

3. Lighting

For your convenience, safety and electrical bill, smart lighting systems like the Philips Hue can automatically turn lights on and off at scheduled times. And motion sensors can turn on the lights when you enter a room.

As an alternative to an entire smart lighting system, you can use smart light bulbs such as Wyze bulbs, or try Wyze color bulbs, which have a whopping 16 million color options to suit your every mood.

Another low-cost smart lighting solution is controlling individual lamps or other lights in your house by connecting them to smart plugs, such as the Belkin’s Wemo WiFi Smart Plug or the Lutron Caséta Plug-In Lamp Dimmer.

4. Climate control

Going green in your new home? With a smart thermostat, your home will always be just the right temperature. Smart devices like the Google Nest Learning Thermostat can learn the temperatures you prefer and automatically adjust for your comfort. When you’re away from home, you can set the temperature remotely, so it’s cool or warm enough when you return.

A smart thermostat will also give you the comfort of knowing you’re saving energy, which will be reflected in lower utility bills. According to a Google Nest energy bill analysis, you may save up to 12% on heating and 15% on cooling.

5. Yard maintenance

Outside is as important as inside. Installing a smart sprinkler controller will help you save water, which translates into savings. Unlike regular sprinklers, a smart sprinkler controller like the Rachio 3, Netro Sprite or Rain Bird can prevent overwatering. It knows exactly how much irrigation is needed based on factors like the soil condition, weather forecast and type of grass.

If your new house has a swimming pool, a smart monitor like the WaterGuru Sense lets you know when you need to add chemicals or if the chemicals are off balance. The monitor is easily installed inside the pool’s skimmer reservoir.

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