How AI Can Upgrade Your Home Security

While smart home security devices like cameras and locks have been around for a while, these devices are becoming even more efficient, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

Smart devices enabled with AI collect and analyze vast amounts of information. They then use this knowledge to mimic intelligent behavior, such as detecting patterns and interpreting speech.

You’re probably familiar with devices in your home that already use it, such as Siri and Alexa. Here’s how AI boosts the intelligence of smart home devices to help make your home even more secure.

How is AI technology used in smart home security devices?

AI smart home devices include cameras, locks and windows. These devices use methods like face recognition and fingerprint and retinal scans to distinguish between familiar visitors and strangers. AI devices can also detect emotions and predict people’s behavior. They record high-definition video that makes it easier to identify people.

To increase security, AI devices can communicate with each other. For example, if an AI security camera detects a stranger trying to break into your home, then AI-enabled smart locks and windows could automatically secure the doors and windows.

AI security cameras located outside your home can learn to recognize the faces of your family members, friends and other frequent visitors. A voice assistant may announce them when they arrive, even if they don’t ring the doorbell.

These cameras can also send you an alert when a stranger approaches your home. If a camera detects a stranger trying to break in, it can notify your local police department or a designated emergency contact.

You can eliminate annoying and unnecessary alerts by personalizing an AI security camera. You could set it to only detect people and vehicles while approaching your home rather than leaving. And more than a simple motion detector, AI can distinguish between people, animals and objects, so you won’t get an alert if a squirrel happens to climb up your front steps.

AI can also detect emotions like fear and anger. This means that if you’re home and appear distressed when you open the front door, the camera can notify the police or your designated contact.

You can also find AI-enabled smart locks for windows and doors that can learn hundreds of fingerprints and automatically alert you of an unknown one—then immediately lock your door or window.

Frontier Fiber 200 Internet
Frontier Fiber 200 Internet

What AI home security devices are available now?

To help keep your home more secure, these are just a few of the AI devices that are currently available:

Nest Cam IQ

These AI security cameras, available in indoor and outdoor models, have 4K sensors for especially clear videos. They can both differentiate between familiar faces and strangers.

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro

This highly rated outdoor camera gives you a cool AI feature called Bird’s Eye Zones. You use an aerial view to draw a radius around your house (like your own Google map) where you want the camera to focus. This helps you target any areas where you feel security is key.

Sunflower Labs Autonomous Security Drone

If your smart devices detect an intruder, this drone will launch within five seconds and provide a high-quality video stream. You can also launch it manually.

Lockly Access Touch 3D Fingerprint Reader

This is the quickest path to fingerprint recognition. Attach to your existing deadbolt, and unlock your door in under a second with technology that recognizes up to 99 unique fingerprints. Control it right from your smartphone.

What’s next for AI home security?

One of the major potential benefits of AI home security devices is that, unlike most current smart devices that work by sending your information to cloud-based technology in remote locations, AI devices will be able to use their self-contained hardware.

This means that you won’t have to depend on the cloud server for your smart devices to work, and you’ll also have peace of mind knowing your personal information remains securely in your home.

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