How To Know if Google Reviews Are Real or Fake

Trying out a new restaurant, hair salon or doggie daycare? You’ll probably head online for Google reviews. But how do you know whether that five-star rave (or one-star rant) is real or fake? We put together this handy guide. Why businesses fake Google reviews Business owners know that you’re

What is the Difference Between 5 Gig and 5G?

If you’re shopping for new mobile phone or home internet service, you'll come across a whole alphabet soup of acronyms to decode. It’s confusing, so let’s get smart about what 5 Gig, 5G and even 5GB and 5GHz all mean. Why so many G's? Gig is all about gigabit,

Is the Meta Quest 3 VR Headset Worth It?

The Meta Quest 3 is the latest virtual reality and mixed reality headset from Meta, the company behind Facebook. Starting at $500, it’s a big investment to get the latest VR technology. So let’s find out if it’s worth it. What is the Meta Quest 3? The Meta Quest

Great Tech Gifts for Gen Alpha

It’s that time of year again—the time to win the holiday season by getting the Gen Alpha tween and almost tween in your life the best gift out there. Sure, buying tech for Gen Alpha is no easy feat. They’ve grown up immersed in tech, and already have strong

What To Give a Gamer for the Holidays

Buying for gamers can be intimidating. Will I buy the wrong thing? Will I buy something incompatible? First step, just ask! Gamers love to talk about games! Three key questions: What video game console(s) do you own? What kinds of games do you like to play? What games do