How To Get the Most From a Customer Rewards Program

You’ve probably seen them in your inbox and mailbox: Those tempting offers to join customer rewards programs. You can earn discounts on store purchases, hotel stays and more. And you can do it all online.

Customer rewards programs are very popular with American consumers. About 80% of us belong to at least one, with the average being four.

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What is a rewards program?

A customer rewards program gives you points and other perks when you make purchases directly from that business or from another company, if they link you to a third party. Companies want you to join these programs to keep you as a customer and build a trusted relationship with you.

The most common type of customer rewards program is free and gives you points each time you buy a product or service. You can then redeem those points for discounts and more.

These are the other main program types:

  • Tiered – The more you purchase, the higher the tier, or level, you’ll reach. Those higher tiers offer additional benefits. Hotel chains and airlines often have this type of program.
  • Paid – You pay an annual fee to receive deals. For example, Amazon Prime has perks like free shipping and access to its Prime Video streaming service.
  • Value – The company donates a portion of your purchase price to a charity of your choice. Your reward is that you’re benefitting others.

Some companies use a combination of these program types.

To enroll, you usually create an account on the company’s website or app. For stores, restaurants and other businesses, you may be able to sign up in person.

To join a customer rewards program, you must share some personal information. This may include your name, phone number, email address and home address.

Keep security in mind when you enroll, and create a strong password for your account. Unfortunately, there have been cases where hackers have been able to access rewards accounts and steal points. Learn how the program is going to use the personal data you provide.

You should also use multifactor authentication if it’s offered. This means that to sign in, along with your password, you’ll need to enter a code that’s sent to your phone or other device.

What are the benefits of joining a rewards program?

A customer rewards program can mean you enjoy money-saving benefits that may include:

  • Points or credits you can use on future purchases
  • Exclusive and personalized discounts
  • Early access to sales and new products
  • Cash back on purchases
  • Free shipping
  • Birthday gifts
  • Bonus points for referring family and friends
  • Bonus points for following the company on social media
  • For frequent customers, additional perks like free tech support or invitations to special events

What kinds of programs are best for customers?

The best reward programs for customers is, of course, one that you’ll really use. Rewards programs have gone way past airlines and bank cards. Today, you have many options across a broad range of categories, including consumer electronics, health and beauty, outdoor and fitness equipment, department stores, clothing brands, fast food, internet services and more.

Make sure programs you sign up for are easy for you to use. The website should clearly explain how to earn and redeem your rewards. Enrolling should also be an easy process. In fact, most consumers give up on signing up if it takes too much time.

How do I access my rewards program account and redeem rewards?

You can access most rewards program accounts via an app or by signing onto the website. It will show you information like your point balance and special discounts available.

It’s a good idea to regularly check your account to make sure your point balance is correct. Contact the company right away if you seem to be missing points.

How you redeem your rewards depends on the program. Here are some of the ways you can do it:

  • Retailers and other merchants – You may need to provide your phone number, show your membership card or scan your ID from the app.
  • Shopping online – When you sign into your account and shop, discounts will automatically be applied.
  • Text messages – You can choose to get texts with a link you click to access your account.
  • Apple Pay – You may be able to add your membership information to your iPhone’s wallet, and then tap it when you make a purchase.

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