Everything To Know About Zoom AI Tools Like Zoom IQ

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been having a moment. Once only the stuff of sci-fi stories and futuristic movies, the practical applications of AI are making their way into our regular lives—including on Zoom.

Curious about how Zoom AI features can enhance your work-from-home setup and help boost your productivity? Let’s explore the new features and ways to use them.

What is Zoom IQ?

Zoom IQ is a suite of tools that use AI solutions to help Zoom users get more out of their product.

This goes beyond things like changing your background or facilitating a game via Zoom, as fun as those might be. Zoom is really trying to help participants forget they’re spread across the globe.

In fact, they want you to feel as close to being in the same room together as possible. AI solutions within Zoom IQ learn about the structure, flow and information required for a productive meeting. Then, the AI features can attempt to mimic that flow and structure for you, taking the grunt work out of a meeting and freeing you up to maximize creativity and collaboration.

Make meetings easier with Zoom IQ

One of the biggest ways Zoom’s new AI features do this is by making meetings more seamless. The program can act like an assistant. Before a meeting, Zoom IQ can help you set an agenda based on your needs and specifications.

If team members are late to a session or have to step out during one, the Meeting Summary feature lets the host send an AI-created email that can fill team members in on what happened during the meeting.

The Team Chat Compose feature helps you create just the right language and tone for any group chat texts you want to send during the meeting.

It can also be a bit of a springboard for creativity and focus. Rather than waiting around for someone to get the ball rolling, Zoom IQ can get the bones of a whiteboard going for you, or generate some thought-provoking questions.

The point of AI isn’t that you’re then beholden to these whiteboards or questions—in fact, you might hate the idea and want to give it a new prompt or just start from scratch. But the point is, it got you thinking without wasting time and prodded you in the direction you wanted to go. And as AI learns more about what makes your team tick, the better it will be at setting you up for success.

When the meeting is done, you can ask Zoom IQ to summarize what went down and share it with the team, even generating personalized action items to make sure everyone is on the same page about next steps.

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Improving sales with Zoom IQ

Let’s say one of those next steps is following up with a customer about a sales lead, or brainstorming ways to improve your customer retention rate.

On days where you’re just feeling brain fry or stuck in a rut, you can ask Zoom IQ to draft one of those emails or generate some fun ideas for boosting retention. If you’ve already got a document going and just need some fresh eyes on it, Zoom IQ can serve as those “eyes,” giving you notes on improving it.

Again, you’re certainly not beholden to the exact script Zoom IQ comes up with. In fact, you should definitely tailor it to fit your own voice and needs. But it can serve as the jumping-off point you need to make some work easier and foster creativity.

What’s next for Zoom AI?

While no one knows exactly what is in store for AI tools going forward, it’s clear that Zoom—along with other video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet—have only just scratched the surface of offering its customers AI functionality.

Expect the big players to intensify their efforts to develop their own AI products, as well as partner with industry leaders like Open AI, to get solutions into the hands of customers even sooner.

In its announcement about Zoom IQ, the company said it wants to make generative AI a “driving force” in boosting productivity for its customers.

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