Choosing The Right Smart Home Monitoring System To Prevent Floods and Fire

Homeowners face an uphill battle against fires and floods. Insurance prices are rising as quickly as disaster can strike, and just the thought of repairs and rebuilding post-calamity can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, there are a growing number of ways to protect your home from weather extremes and other catastrophes. By monitoring your home with smart devices to prevent fire and water disasters, you can easily get real-time information to help you stop problems in their tracks.

We’ve collected some of the best tips and smart home tech to help you mitigate the risk of flood and fire.

What is smart flood monitoring?

Smart flood monitoring uses technology, like sensors, artificial intelligence (AI) and smart cameras, to detect leaks and spills before they get out of control.

That early detection is key to preventing disaster. Even large floods can start with just a trickle of water, making it difficult to know there’s a problem until it’s too late. Smart monitoring systems send alerts via text or email when they detect a leak that is out of the ordinary. Not only will you be aware of the water and its origin, but you’ll be able to take measures to stop it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Smart leak protectors are typically small, affordable and easy to integrate into a connected home, especially if you live in a home where leaky pipes or small spills are your primary flooding concern. If you have a larger piece of property or live in a coastal area threatened by heavy flooding, you may want to turn to a bigger, more advanced device. They’ll better be able to scan multiple potential flooding points to give you the most accurate read on the situation.

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What is smart fire monitoring?

Smart fire monitoring uses technology, like sensors and temperature readings, to alert you to the threat of fire.

Connected fire and air quality alarms are becoming more commonplace in smart homes. They’ll detect smoke or carbon monoxide (and sound the standard alarm) and also send an alert to your smartphone when there’s an issue.

Some smart fire monitoring systems go beyond your standard smart fire alarm. Along with smoke detection, they can monitor rapid rises in temperature or let you know when ambient temperature reaches a certain point. Some also connect with smart security systems, in order to give you better info about what’s happening in your home.

Another bonus? Most smart fire systems let you know when a battery is low. And many let you remotely turn off an alarm if it’s loudly beeping after something as minor as a burnt pizza. This means you can get all the fire protection you need without disconnecting your monitoring device or wondering if the battery is operating.

How can devices to prevent flood and fire save me money?

A single disastrous event can be financially and emotionally draining for any homeowner. The average cost to repair damage from a house fire is $78,000, and just an inch of water can cost homeowners upwards of $25,000 in damage.

Early detection can help mitigate risk and stave off these devastating events before they wreak havoc. This is particularly important if you don’t have flood insurance, which can be prohibitively expensive in many areas.

What are the best smart home devices to prevent disaster?

The D-Link Water Sensor and Alarm Starter Kit is a solid, affordable pick for preventing flooding damage. It comes with 16 different smart sensors you can put on places like pipes, sinks and water heaters, providing a comprehensive view at all potential flooding points. It’s compatible with smart hubs like Google Home, and it will send alerts to an easy-to-use app when anything is amiss.

If you want to keep an eye on a property that extends as far as about a quarter mile, the YoLink Wireless Smart Valve Controller 1 is a great option. It gives you 24/7 monitoring and alerts via an intuitive app. But its real bonus, in addition to its range, is automatic shut-off power. Depending on where a leak is coming from, this may give you the ability to remotely turn off a leaky valve, helping to prevent further damage.

For fire and air quality protection, check out the Owl Wired. This is billed as a device that can replace other home security measures, but comprehensive fire prevention is where it shines. It uses sensors to detect both smoke and temperature, alerting you to alarming rises in either. The Owl Wired lets you know when your battery is low, and it can be easily integrated with your other smart home devices.

Any musts for smart home items to prevent fire and water disasters?

Follow the advice of the manufacturer for setup—they’ll give you tips on placing the device in an area where it can get optimal data. Within the device app, make sure you turn alerts on, so you’re getting important updates sent directly to your smartphone.

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