How AI Enhances Your Smart Home Automation

In the market for a new thermostat, doorbell or refrigerator? It’s an entirely different shopping experience than 20 years ago. Now, rather than just getting a fridge that looks nice and keeps your food cold, you’ll have to decide if you also want an appliance that can seamlessly fit

The Best Retro Gaming Stores Online

The video game industry is bigger than ever, with major publishers pumping millions of dollars into triple-A titles. Still, many players are returning to simpler times through retro gaming. If you're plugged into the video game scene, you've likely noticed that old school gaming is undergoing a revival. Collectors

Solving Your TV Streaming Issues

You’ve been waiting all day to catch your favorite show through YouTube TV. Just as you’re settling into the sofa, your TV starts buffering. When the video plays again, the quality is fuzzy. Then the stream crashes entirely. Unfortunately, streaming disruptions can happen to anyone. And it’s not likely

5 Ways To Reduce Fiber Internet Installation Time

The good news: You're ready to upgrade to fiber internet! You'll soon be enjoying all it has to offer, like increased reliability and a speedier connection. The not-so-good news: You have questions. How is fiber internet installed in a house? How long will it take? Will it be a