5 Reasons Mobile Apps Are a Better Way To Manage Your Accounts Online

Whether you’re updating your account information, checking a bill or contacting support, a mobile app is often the best way to do it. They’re generally faster and easier to use than a mobile website, and have more features. They’re also just as safe and secure. The MyFrontier app has

5 Racing Games for Switch That Aren’t Mario Kart

"Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" is the gold standard in racing on the Nintendo Switch. Six years in, Nintendo continues to add courses and characters to the series highlight. But sometimes, a bit of variety from cartoon plumbers and dinosaurs can be nice—perhaps you’d like to race in real-world courses,

4 Great Reasons To Choose Fiber Internet

So, you're thinking of fiber internet? Here are some things that make fiber a great choice. 1. Fiber has fast upload speeds. Are you working from home and uploading large files? Do you create videos to post on social media? If you’re sending more large files than ever before,

Is It Safe To Store My Data in the Cloud?

You may have seen advertisements or pop-ups on your phone, tablet or laptop suggesting you store your data—like photos, documents, videos and emails—in the cloud. This means using a service that will store these files on remote servers where you can access them when you need them. File sizes

Living Your Digital Life on Fiber

We live in a very connected world, with so many interactions every single day happening online. We’re calling it living a digital life. Your digital life is the life you live when you’re using connectivity. A surprisingly short time ago, our lives weren’t nearly as connected. Sure, we used

How To Add Some Cool Features to Your Family Zoom Call

One life-enhancing habit that many families have hung onto from the early pandemic days is the big family Zoom call. It’s a great and affordable way to spend quality time with loved ones, and to feel connected, even if you’re scattered across different parts of the globe. But because

How To Set Up Your Mesh Wi-Fi System

Mesh Wi-Fi systems are great for setting up a wireless network that covers your entire home without any dead spots, so you can make the most of a fast fiber optic internet connection. Instead of relying on one router, a mesh Wi-Fi system uses multiple devices, so you can