How AI Can Help You Work Better From Home

Whether you run a small business, work remotely for an employer or freelance, working from home comes with some challenges. You can’t walk over to coworkers and bounce ideas off each other, you have to really stay on top of your schedule and everything happens online. The latest generation

Underrated Video Games of All Kinds

Even the most dedicated gamers can’t play them all. Each year, hundreds of video games are released—thousands, if you count indie games—but it’s typically only a handful that get buzz from casual and committed gamers alike. This happens for tons of reasons. Not every video game gets a giant

Should You Worry When There’s a Data Breach?

Every day you're entering your personal information online. You type in your password to access your email account or give your credit card information to an online storefront. Companies will often store this information, and it's up to them to keep it secure from hackers. But it doesn't always

Do Older Devices Slow Down Your Wi-Fi?

If you’ve already done everything you can to set up a lightning fast Wi-Fi network, including getting the newest router, there’s one other thing to consider: older devices. A smartphone, smart home device or computer connecting to your network's router using an outdated Wi-Fi standard can slow down your

Why Do I Need Subtitles When Streaming?

It’s a familiar feeling in the age of streaming: You’re watching a movie at home when suddenly you can’t hear the actors. You turn up the volume, so you don’t miss the plot. But that doesn’t help, and you start to wonder—is it me or my TV? Chances are,

How To Get the Most From a Customer Rewards Program

You’ve probably seen them in your inbox and mailbox: Those tempting offers to join customer rewards programs. You can earn discounts on store purchases, hotel stays and more. And you can do it all online. Customer rewards programs are very popular with American consumers. About 80% of us belong